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Whilst on a blog trawl last weekend I found myself on Cowbiscuits reading about Betty Hula products.  I'd never heard of Betty Hula, but being a sucker for kitsch beauty products I was immediately sucked in by the cute hula girl, and upon reading the Cowbiscuits had noticed a "great improvement on a line on my forehead" I knew I had to give it a go.  With a 25% discount code to be used, I happily added a 30ml bottle to my basket and received my The Secret within a few days.

The Secret is designed to reduce signs of wrinkling and help problem areas of skin.  It has a "a special blend of ingredients working in harmony with your skin, to help repair damaged and tired cells, combat dryness and reduce wrinkles to reveal your most radiant, youthful self" and contains natural ingredients.

After using the product for a week, I have to say I personally haven't noticed anything.  BUT my beloved Ed (who was the one who counted the seven wrinkles on my forehead within a few weeks of us dating) has assured me that he has noticed a difference.  With regards to problem the moment my skin is suffering from the change in weather, and as a sufferer of sensitive skin and eczema on my forehead, I wouldn't necessarily say that true results have been seen in my case.  Whilst my head hasn't been flaring up with angry red skin, I'm not sure whether this is due to The Secret or my use of specialist cream.  Perhaps I'd see a different result if I used the oil during the summer when the skin on my forehead is less temperamental?

That's not to say I wouldn't repurchase.  I love the cute little bottle that the product came in, complete with a Betty Hula tag attached around the neck (reminded me of the "Drink Me" bottles in Alice in Wonderland...) and I love the company's use of Twitter to get in touch with their customers on a more personal level.  The oil really smells like it's doing my skin some good, and the tiniest amount (two tips of the bottle with a cotton pad placed over the top) gives a generous application to my skin. 

With three scented moisturisers to choose from, and my indecisive nature, I'm sure that more Betty Hula products will be making an appearance on my bathroom shelf once payday hits. 

Have any of you tried Betty Hula?

T x


  1. Have got a review of this and a moisturiser coming up soon. Not had any chance to use 'the secret' yet!

  2. I haven't tried it, I just now heard of it from this post! (:

  3. @Alison - a sample of moisturiser is coming my way so I'll be reviewing that soon! x

    @Reyna - The Secret definitely does seem to be a secret in RL....more of a blogging thing methinks x

    @Curves - thank you :) x

  4. I may have to try this. I found the first line on my forehead the other day. I'm gutted. :( x

  5. @Sammi - lol well they say you have to take care of your skin once you turn 21....not that I ever did, hence the 7 wrinkles?! That works out as 3.5 for every year I didn't do it!

    T x

  6. Fab review thank you very much and as a special thank you to all your readers - get 25% off at by entering BHB25 at checkout

    Love Betty x


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