Book Review: Obstacles to Young Love


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Apologies for the delay here (assuming you care about a book review, that is) I actually finished this book a while ago and am on to my next, it's just taken me a while to get around to reviewing this!

Obstacles to Young Love is the story of two teenage lovers and spans across 25 years in their tale of love and the journeys upon which life takes them.  I'm a fan of books which follow the characters through the paths of many decades, so this book appealed to me when I picked it up in the library.  The main characters are Naomi, an actress, and Timothy, a taxidermist.  Timothy is a devout Christian, whilst Naomi has an irrepressible urge to convert people away from God.

This is a humourous book, and I love the feeling that I've watched a character grow over the years.  This book picks up when Naomi and Timothy are 18 and ends with a 25th year reunion for their school, so I definitely got the sense of growth here.  It's lighthearted and easy to read, and what's interesting is that it's a romantic book written by a male author.  Not to say that blokes don't know romance, but in general I prefer my chick lit to be written, well, by a chick.

With comparisons to P.G Wodehouse (no, I'm not sure who he is either...), the author, David Nobbs, has written 17 novels as well as numerous television series.  The book is well written and the characters are very real.  I wouldn't say this is a great book, but it was comfortable and worth the read.

What books are you all reading at the moment?



  1. Hey, I saw a review of this book on The Wright Stuff a few weeks ago and thought I'd read it if it ever appeared in my library but now I think I might reserve it.
    I love book reviews, I used to do them on my old blog but never got much feedback, I hope you continue to write them as I really enjoyed this one.
    I am currently reading 'Missing Girl' by Tess Gerritsen x

  2. Sounds good.
    Im really slacking atm on books- Just dont have the time to pick one up, settle down and read. I should make more time really. x

  3. @Rose - yeah, I'm never sure what sort of feeback I'll get when I do a book review, but I'm still giving it a go! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

    @ShoppingAddict - I know what you mean, I love reading books but sometimes you just can't be bothered! x

  4. i'm not going to lie, the fact that it is written by male makes me think its not very good :\ that's prob not the case! but i wouldn't have ever thought to pick it up anyway! but sounds quite good!

  5. Heyy :) I love your blog so I gave you the Sunshine award :) Go check it out


  6. @Monica - I know!! I admit it, I judge a book by its cover and when I pick up a fab looking one and discover the author is male 95% of the time I put it straight back down again! x

    @Molly - wow I'm flattered...thank you! x


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