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My featured blogger this week really does seem like a bundle of life and a barrel of laughs all wrapped up into one.  She strikes me as the type of girl who doesn't take life (or herself) too seriously, and for that reason I love reading her posts.  They're always enthusiastic and fun to read.  Not only that, I was genuinely overwhelmed by how nice she is.  Spotting a pair of gorgeous boots in a post of hers, I emailed to enquire where they were from.  Not only did she take the time to reply, but she actually hunted down a website that sold them, as the one she used was out of stock.  Do they come much nicer than this?!  Not ladies, get acquainted with

1.  Starting as we always do, sum yourself up in five words...
Socialite, Creative, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Random.

2. What’s your blog all about?
Anyone who reads my blog will know that I’m a sucker for fashion. There are a lot of beauty and make-up blogs out there, and as much as I love beauty & make-up (and do try to include a lot about it in my blog); I prefer to stick to the fashion side of things. The title ‘Lauren’s Dressing Room’ pretty much sums it all up!

3. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
To be honest, it was one of my friends who had set up her own blog. I’d never really heard anything about beauty blogging or beauty gurus on YouTube. It was all quite alien to me. I began reading my friends blog, enjoyed reading and thought to myself ‘why not?’ and started up my own too. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and reading fashion magazines – I’ve always had my own thoughts on different things, and what's more perfect to showcase all this than starting up your own blog. I don’t really look to anyone else for inspiration. I kind of just have a good imagination and think to myself “What would I like to read if I was one of my followers reading blog?” I try and make my posts as enjoyable as I can to keep all my lovely followers interested. I try to post a lot of images as I think they’re really important in keeping the post exciting

4. What do you do for a living?
When I left school I went straight into a Childcare course at college for two years. Once I completed my course and got my qualification, I was offered a job straight away at a nursery I did my training placement at. I’ve been there ever since. I think it’s nearing six years now. My job titles are: Nursery Officer/Student Mentor/Behavior Coordinator.

5. You seem to have an endless supply of clothes…. what’s the one thing in your wardrobe that life would be incomplete without?
Leggings! They go with absolutely anything and everything. They’re very multi-purpose and I literally live in my leggings.

6. What is your most-loved piece in your jewellery collection?
That’s quite a tricky one, because I have a few that mean a great deal to me. I’d have to say my Vivienne Westwood jewellery because my boyfriend has treated me to various items over the years and they’re very special to me. Also, my Gucci necklace and bracelet because I treated myself to them when I jetted off to New York for the first time. Every time I wear them it reminds me of my holiday in New York.

7. Which is your favourite decade for fashion?
I’d probably say the 1960’s, purely because I think it’s the decade most similar to my own current fashion. The 70’s is a little bit TOO hippy for me, 80’s far too biker and 90’s far too trashy. However, I also love the 1940’s, really sophisticated.

8. How would you describe your style?
Hmmm, I’d probably say on trend yet with my own quirky edge at the same time. I’m not really sure how to describe it. How would YOU describe it? Ha, ha!

9. Which celebrity is your ultimate fashion icon?
Another hard question because I love so many – and they’re all very different. I love a mixture of Mary-Kate’s effortlessly cool façade, Nicole Richie’s colour splash, Lauren Conrad’s delicate girly chic and Sienna Miller’s “I just slung it all together’ look.

10. Are there any outfits you’ve worn that you’d rather forget?
Ha ha, oh god yes. But, I was really young, so it’s forgivable right? I was really into the Spice Girls when I was younger and had a pair of platform trainers! Ha, ha! Fashion Police please?

11. Which trends are you looking forward to in AW 2010? Have you any style predictions?
I know that the colours; Rust, Khaki and deep purple are going to be really popular this Autumn/Winter, so I think I’ll be investing in a lot of those colours. Hmmm, style predictions... Snoods made a comeback last year and chunky knitted hair bands – I think they’re also something I’ll be investing in.

12. If you could only fit five items in your desert island survival bag, which beauty products would you take to keep you looking gorgeous?
Sun cream – I wouldn’t want to burn as I’m presuming the desert island will be scorchio! Vaseline for my lips, baby wipes to clean my face, mascara and shampoo! I wouldn’t want scruffy hair now would I?

13. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?
My all time favourite reads are:
Milly at Pearls & Poodles
Zoe at Zoella
Julia at Jules
Jazzabelle at jazzabelle's diary

14. What can we look forward to on Laurens Dressing Room?
Lots more outfit posts as they are my favourite to do! And hopefully more product reviews as I haven’t done many lately. I need to get cracking with those. I’ve tried to do a couple of posts about my every day life as I find it important for my readers to get to know the girl behind the blog. If anyone has any requests though, feel free to let me know. I welcome all suggestions!

15. Do you have any tips on how to make a successful blog?
I always sit and think to myself; “What would I like to read?” I tend to write about things I’d enjoy reading about myself. I try to keep my updates as frequent as I can to keep my followers interested and like to vary my posts.

Any more requests/questions I have Formspring and my username is: laurensdressing

Youtube account name: laurensdressingroom

The Spice Girls reference has really taken me back...I had a pair of those god awful trainers!  Very difficult to walk up stairs though, I lost count of the amount of times I tripped cos I forgot to lift my feet far enough to avoid catching the platform!
Lauren's Dressing Room really is a must, I love her accessories addiction and her outfits always look fresh and achievable.  Have a look at her recent post to see - her take on X Factor's Cher was spot on!

Who here is a fan of Lauren?


  1. great post! i am now following because her blog is fab

  2. Sounds like an amazing blog! (:

  3. Great post, it's nice to find out more about the people behind the blogs :) x

  4. Yeah I agree, great post! It's really nice to get to know the awesome persona behind the blogs that we love! ;)

  5. @Reyna - it's great....have a look! x

    @Lily @ Lady Mitchelli - it's nice to get an insight isn't it? Makes the blogger seem more real x

  6. great interview... reallly agree about writing what you would want to read :)... she does seem lovely xxx

  7. one of her fans here.. haha.. love lauren from the philippines! :D

  8. Aw fab post! Lauren is a complete doll and nice for her to be the one in the spotlight :) Thank you for the mention Lauren x x x


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