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It was fairly early on in my blogging days when I came across a sense sublime.  And yes, I've not used capital letters on's how she spells it y'know.  There's something inherently cool behind the minimalist look of this blog.  You get the sense that this is a blogger who just 'gets' fashion and when you see a piccie of the owner with her new, back-to-her-roots blond hair you realise that she does.  I use the word "indie" tentatively and I don't know whether she'd appreciate that description, but then I balance that with the fact that "indie" is the word I use when someone is so comfortable in their style and can pull off 'cool' looks in a way that I never could.   Perhaps it's her roots in art, because every outfit is always well-thought out and beautifully put together.
See what I mean?  I'd definitely say this girl has a unique look with her Marianne Faithfull-esque style and this is balanced out with what a friendly blogger she is.  Her blog is one to subscribe to, whether to keep up with the best new clothes at Topshop, have a look at the latest funky jewellery she's lusting after or to see what's going up in her sublime world (see what I did there?) with her own version of the Guardian's 'The Measure'.

So now ladies, it's my pleasure to introduce those of you who aren't familiar with her, to Christina Sanders of a sense sublime.

1.  Let's start off relatively easy - sum yourself up in 5 words...
Artist, writer, fashion-obsessed girl!

2.  What do you do for a living?  Is it what you always imagined you'd be doing?
I currently work as the manager of a boutique shop for babies and toddlers.  It is a cute little shop and I love my job.  It's not fashion or art related, but for a first job after university is a great experience.  I am thinking about maybe going into teaching in the future or doing more with my writing - I am doing a journalism evening course at the moment.  Of course the overall dream is to work as an artist!

3.  What (or who) inspired you to start blogging?
I was inspired by blogs such as Style Bubble - I thought it was great to see normal girls who were experimenting so much with clothes and trends.  It offered something different and more real than fashion magazines.
I also do some writing about art and fashion for a few websites, so having a blog seemed like a good way of staying in touch with what was going on and practising/developing my writing style.  When the blog started I covered both art and fashion, though now it is mostly just fashion.  It has become such a big part of my life - I have friends who I just know from blogging and watching the blog grow has been so much fun.  I am still surprised that people read it and every comment I get makes me unbelievably happy!

4.  A tricky one, but if you had to choose would it be art or fashion?
That's so hard!  But if I had to choose it would be art.  Art is my true love - fashion is more of a hobby.  Though I see them as intertwined, both art and fashion are about creating something interesting and/or beautiful.

5.  What's your favourite shop?
Probably Topshop.  It's predictable I know, but their clothes are just so fashion-forward and exciting!  I also get a lot of things from ASOS and recently I have been loving everything from Whistles.  I love going to vintage and jumble sales - as I always seem to find some good things whilst rummaging.  I find jumble sales are normally more fun than proper vintage stores as you can still find real bargains!

6.  Who is your favourite designer?
At the moment Alexander Wang.  In my blog I seem to mention him all the time!  I am also in love with Bora Asku's dresses - they are a great mix of girly and rock 'n' roll.  I have seen a few of his London Fashion Week shows in the past and have always been blown away.  In terms of the more classic designers - Chanel and Burberry never seem to put a foot wrong.

7.  Who is your fashion icon?
My ultimate fashion icon would be a mix of Marianne Faithfull, Stevie Nicks and the Olsen Twins.

8.  What's your favourite item of clothing that you've bought recently?
Probably the 3.1 Phillip Lim cocktail dress I got from Susie of Style Bubble's yard sale.  Phillip Lim is one of my favourite designers and the dress only cost me £5!  It is beautiful - emerald silk, one shoulder with a thick lacy and bead trim.  I love it.  It is a little big but I am going to get it taken in so soon it will be perfect.  I am hoping to wear it to a friend's wedding in a few weeks.  It is the first piece of designer clothing I have ever owned to it is pretty special to me.

9.  Are there any fashion trends you wish you'd never become a part of?  Any fashion disasters in your closest?
I've worn some pretty awful things in the past but I don't regret any of it.  Fashion is about experimenting and some of those experiments are bound to go wrong, but along the way you discover your own personal style.  So embrace the mistakes!
Having said that, I do have some cheap fake Ugg boots hidden in the back of my wardrobe.  I had a foot infection earlier in the year and couldn't get any of my shoes on so had to buy them.  They are very comfortable but so ugly.  I am not a fan of the Uggs look.  Now I just wear them for taking the recycling out.

10.  What's your fashion pet hate?
I really dislike Primark.  I know that you can get some things that look good there - recently they seem to have upped their game and gone a lot more fashion-forward, but I hate the whole experience of shopping with them.  The clothes are so badly made, the sizes always come up wrong and the clothes get misshapen the first time you wash them.  I hate the lack of respect for the clothes, people just chuck them anywhere in the shop and on the floor - I guess it is because they are so cheap but I like shopping to feel a bit more special than that.

11.  As a girl with her finger on the fashion pulse, what are your style predictions for the near future?
Well Autumn is approaching now and I am really excited about it style-wise.  Autumn/Winter is always my favourite season for clothes.  I am really loving the neutral colours that are around at the moment and I think they will stay for a while - it is all about the camel and olive green at the moment!  I also think that maxi skirts will transcend being a Summer only thing - I think long skirts  can look great with oversized, chunky knitwear.

12.  Which are your favourite blogs to read?
I love LLYMLRS.  Lily who writes it seems like such a sweet girl and she has great style.  Unlike a lot of bloggers though she is not obsessed with designers, she is pretty much purely high street and I think she shows just how good the British High Street is, which is really interesting - she shows you don't have to spend thousands to be stylish.  She always looks amazing and has a real talent for putting an outfit together.
I recently discover Fabric of my Life, which I am now addicted to.  It is more about lifestyle and interiors than fashion, but it is so beautiful and inspiring.  Kate who writes it has such a good eye for lovely things.  I might be moving this year so I am a bit homeware-obsessed at the moment!

13.  What's the last book you read?
I don't read books nearly enough - it is shameful.  I haven't read a novel in months.  The last book I read was The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  I wanted to read it before I saw the film.  It was bleak and heartbreaking but wonderful.  I would definitely recommend it, but be prepared for how relentless it is.  I like books that are depressing though - so for me it was perfect!

14.  What can we look forward to coming up on a sense sublime?
I am trying to do more outfit posts.  All the fashion blogs that I really enjoy reading have loads of pictures of the writers' outfits.  Also from a blogging point of view I think fashion bloggers should show their own style - after all, that is what it's all about!  Having said that, I still feel really self-conscious about it all!

15.  Have you any tips for upcoming bloggers?
Just write about what you love and try and find your own voice.  Look to blogs you like for inspiration - but remember that people will come back to reading what you have to say if you're original.  And don't forget to have fun with it!

How many of you are already subscribers to a sense sublime?  If you're not, I urge you to scoot on over there and click the "follow" button.  Intelligent writing style coupled with great fashion style is a winning combination for me.

For those of you already following Christina, did you learn something new?  This blog's become a bit quiet lately - join in the conversation ladies!

T xx

Primark image taken from womenclothingforall.  'The Road' image taken from kapiticoastlibraries


  1. thanks for sharing, I'd never heard of her blog before but it's great, yours is very good too! i love the font!

  2. Thank you for writing such lovely things about me! I really enjoyed doing this interview - and thank you for choosing to feature me!

    Love Christina x


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