Product Review: No. 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser


I bought this for £3.75 with my Boots voucher the other day.  I collect the vouchers with the aim of stocking up on their make up wipes, but it would seem I've spent an obscene amount of money in Boots recently and once I noticed how big the pile of make up wipes in the bathroom cupboard was (6 at last count) I decided to branch into something new.

You may remember in my Southampton haul I picked up the Ruby & Millie eyelash curlers.  Big mistake.  "No pinch"?  I've never known anything like it!  Never has a pair of eyelash curlers been harder to use.  But I'm pleased to report that this is another voucher purchase, along with the wipes, that I am pleased with.

The idea behind this is simple.  Rub a small amount into your skin with your fingertips, then using the muslin cloth included, warm it under running hot water and apply it to your face to open pores.  The cloth is thin so it does cool quite quickly, but the helpful lady at the No 7 till suggested I do this a couple of times.  On the final go, you rub the cream off in circular motions and then to finish splash your face with cold water to close pores.

I'm not really one for washing my face.  Ha, just realised how awful that sounds, but I'm a girl who likes to use a make up wipe last thing at night then fall asleep.  I give my face a wake up call in the morning, but I'm not really one to spend ages applying products.  I really should; as the youngest of my friends I took great pleasure when they were turning 21 and I was still 20 in informing them that you have to start taking care of your skin at 21 otherwise you'll regret it later.  Have I listened to my own advice?  Not at all.  In the last two years I think the closest I've got to any sort of skincare is purchasing a toner.  Which is unopened in my wardrobe as we speak.

But I think this product may have converted me.  My skin feels baby-soft afterwards, I spent quite a while stroking it and marvelling at how smooth it was the first night I tried this.  It even encourages me to lovingly apply moisturise before I go to bed in an effort to lock in the softness.  Is my skin more radiant?  Can't say I've noticed anything yet....perhaps tomorrow I'll lock myself in the house and have a no make up day to see if I can spot any difference.  Or maybe I need to wait longer than two applications to see results?

The best part of this is how little you need to use.  This seems to be a recurring comment that I say about everything at the moment, but I've really been noticing that investing my money in higher-quality products is paying off with the amount that I have to use and how long it will therefore last.  One pump of this cleanser is enough.  And with a 200ml bottle, this stuff will definitely last.

But now to the big question....when it runs out will I repurchase? fact, I'm sure this bottle will see me through to the next Boots £5 promotion so for £3.75 I will definitely be buying again!

Did any of you try something new with your voucher?  Has anyone tried this?

T x


  1. wow I wish they had this in the states =(

  2. Ooooo this sounds a lot like Liz Earles hot cloth cleanser which I adore..this is a couple of £ cheaper even at £8.75 so may give this a try! thanks for the review :) becky xo

  3. aw yay, good choice!! I loooved this product x

  4. I have to say i've been quite pleasantly surprised with the quality of No 7 products having never tried them before. I used some of my vouchers last week and picked up the new mascara, the skin correcting primer and a cheek tint...LOVE THEM ALL. The skin correcting primer has become a holy grail of a product and i've used it daily to get rid of the redness on my face. Thanks for the review on this, i'll have to try it out :] oh, and big thanks for low down on those ruby and millie eyelash curlers...I was so close to getting them lol xx

  5. ooh this sounds lovely and relaxing
    i may have to invest!


  6. this is a great review! sounds like a worthwhile purchase :) i've definitely been trying to invest more in skin care as well with both moisturizers and toners. hoping it pays off!


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