Product Review: No7 For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick


Though strictly not a beauty product review, I thought I'd include this one in case you were looking to buy a little treat for your other half/dad/uncle/any male in your life you might be buying for!

I generously donated my £5 No.7 coupon to Mr. B and picked up this Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick the other day.  He's not really one for cosmetics, but has been dying to give a review on this, so here goes....

"Cooling and refreshing.  Works within 10 seconds. Can't even tell it's on"

Yes.  That's all I got from him.  So it's been left to me to fluff this review up a little bit.

Although it's marketed on Boots' website in their Anti-Aging section, I was drawn to this product's promise to "act as an eye wake up call".  Admittedly it does have a bit of spiel about fine lines and wrinkles, but I bought this product solely on the idea of for once successfully being able to drag Mr. B out of bed and into town on a Saturday without the usual 20 minute wait "for my eyes to stop hurting."

So far however, this product has not managed to do this.  I'm beginning to think this eye-hurting thing is actually a ploy to have a lie in, hmmm..... However, when he wakes up at 5:30am for work every day it's the product Mr. B swears by.  It's quite similar in look to 4head if you've tried it, the menthol product to stop tension headaches?  I'd advise not getting these two mixed up though, I imagine 4head could sting quite a bit if applied under the eyes!

With regards to the anti-aging properties I can't really comment on this, because as I said it's not what I bought this for and Mr. B doesn't yet have any fine lines or wrinkles around his eyes.  I have however just asked him whether he thinks his dark circles are better in appearance (I'm not sure he ever had any to begin with) and the answer I got was "guess so".

If, like me, you've bought pretty much everything No.7 has to offer with your voucher then why not give this a go?  It gave me some extra brownie points, and for a man who never gets enthusiastic about products this one has certainly given Mr. B something to rave about!  £2.50 + the possibility of hitting the shops earlier is definitely an offer too good to miss!

Did anyone else treat the man in their life with this offer?  He's now becoming a little bit too interested in skincare and wants to buy more....any recommendations?

T x

Image taken from Boots


  1. I have to practically beg my boyfriend to just use facewash and moisturiser! lol
    My hair is a weird mess. In the Reading photos it's pretty natural, just washed and dried naturally. If I actually put effort in it goes curly. I used to straighten it but gave up about a year ago because it's just too time consuming and I don't think it suited me lol I've recently changed to a middle parting and I'm loving that :)

  2. Haha I think he's been sucked in by the manly plain packaging! I wish I had a bit of oomph to my hair...left to dry naturally and the most I get is fluffy ends!

    T x

  3. haha i think its great that Mr B likes to look after his appearance :) i don't know a lot about male products though tbh :\


  4. Hi! I just found your blog, I really like it! I might have to buy my boyfriend this with my voucher! He's up at half 5 too, and always complaining about his dark circles!

  5. @cupcake - thank you! Definitely give it a go, Mr B loves it and he never gets excited about anything!


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