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I'd like to thank this week's lady for introducing me to No.7 Hot Cloth Face Wash.  Her blog always includes and reviews a range of products which means I get a wide variety of potential purchases, for which I am always grateful.  Not to mention the fact that her blog just seems to have a quality of expertise to it.  I'm sure you know what I mean, some bloggers you just get the feeling that you should really listen to, and this is one of them.  Oh, and did I mention she's always the first on my list of subscribed reads to debut the most up to date MAC collections?  Definitely the criterion of a worthwhile blogger in my eyes!  Have a read of this week's interview with

1.  Sum yourself up in 5 words...
Curious, loyal, friendly, silly, and ummm....happy!

2.  What's your blog all about?
A little bit beauty, a little bit fashion, a little bit lifestyle all from a wee thirty-something 'Weegie point of view :)

3.  Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
When I realised I could sate my magazine habit by visiting all the gorgeous beauty and fashion girlies’ blogs online and read REAL opinions, or see how other folks were styling up fashions and looks in an achievable manner I loved it and thought to myself, “I wonder if I could do that?” -  turns out I could, and I did – so girlinthecityglasgow was born.

4.  As a child what did you want to do for a living?  Is it what you're doing now?
Hmmm, well kinda.  I did go through the stage of wanting to be a ballerina when I was very, very young (I loved lacing my ballet shoes up) – so it’s rather a lovely coincidence that I now look after the PR for Scottish Ballet.

5.  What's your beauty brand of choice?
Blimey! Well, if I could only shop one cosmetic brand for the rest of my life, then yes I would pick MAC – seems a little clichéd but they really are the only brand that manage to pick up and refresh season trends so quickly.

6.  Hard to choose, but which are the five cosmetics products that you couldn't live without?
Cheap and cheerful my No.1 face product is Boots No 17 oil control pressed powder.  I’ve been using this all of my adult life and nothing stops me shining quite like this.
While I play away sometimes, I always come back to Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara – nothing coats my lashes quite as luxuriously (and as black!) as this magic wand.
One of my first blog reviews was Colorsport’s 8 hour eyebrow pen  – I don’t think I could be without this now in my MU kit – it gives me the perfect brow base to make sure the blighters stay defined all day long.
My MAC 187 brush helps me achieve an airbrush finish.  It can turn pretty much any foundation into a fresh, wearable formula.  It wasn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny and I wouldn’t apply my base any other way now.
MAC’s cream colour base in ‘pearl’ – the perfect little cream highlighter – apply in a C shape from your forehead and around your eye – and dot on your cupid’s lip.
7.  What's your beauty discovery of the month?
Hmm, well it's as nearly a lesson learned to be honest.  After reading everyone’s rave reviews on MAC Face & Body foundation I duly went out and purchased... gah, I hated it! It made me look sticky and patchy.  But instead of binning it I decided to mix it up with a few other lacklustre foundations and came up with my perfect dewy formula.  Needless to say I felt very smug – but also slightly relieved that my expensive purchase wasn’t a complete failure!  (see post here)
8.  Which do you spend more time or make up?
Oooh make up  - my poor hair gets a squirt and a blast in the morning before being put up in a bobble!  I am off to get my hair ombred next week though, so maybe my priorities will change?

9. Looking at your pictures, your eyebrows are always immaculate! Are there any grooming secrets you could share with us?
Aah, bless you J It always makes me smile when I get a compliment on my eyebrows – especially as in ‘real life’ I don’t have much in the way of eyebrows!   
As I mentioned before – the colorsport eyebrow definer pen gives me a really good base on top of which I apply fine strokes of dark brown Revlon brow powder using a thin, slanted brush (mine’s is MAC, but I’ve heard good things about the Louise Young angled brush too) ... so, umm, yea they’re pretty much fake J - but then that makes the same look achievable for everyone too!
10. Which clothes shops do you make a beeline for and which do you bypass completely?
I’m pretty much a high street girl through and through – if I’m short on time I know that I will always be able to pick up something from H&M – I can’t wait for their online shop to be launched later this month!  I’m partial to their ‘trend’ section (the area with all the quirky cuts and lines) – and love the divided range too (although I think it’s probably meant to be for girlies slightly younger than my 30something self, ha!) – oh, and their designer hook ups have been amazing – I’m so excited about the Lanvin collaboration this Winter!
11. How would you describe your style?
Classic, but quirky!  I worked at GAP when I was at university and I think I’ve retained a little bit of the layering, classic ‘preppy’ look I learned while there – I’ll always rock a well cut pair of skinnies with a blazer – but I might try new trend colours, or go with a top that’s been cut into a little more interestingly .
12. Are there fashion faux pas lurking in your wardrobe? (Pictures of said mistakes would be great! If you want to share them with the world that is!)
Ha! Well, in my late teens/early 20s I was in a Steps tribute band (we were called Stairs – I was Claire, yes really) – so for that I wore a lot of bright yellow and shiny silver.  I’m not sure ‘faux pas’ covers it!

13. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?
Ah there are loads.  I keep up with the gorgeous gurus of course (lollipop26The Yummy Mummy Beauty BlogTanya Burr - all of whom also have fab You Tube channels) but it’s nice to see other girlies come through and do so well too - LLYMLRS has great style and her blog has become huge over the last few months.  But really – there are loads of great girlies out there – I have a little reading list on my blog that I keep meaning to add to.
14. What can we look forward to on girlinthecityglasgow?
Well, I’ve been enjoying working with some amazing brands – and meeting some great beauty, fashion and lifestyle partners in Glasgow – so hopefully loads more of events that I can give my readers the inside gossip on (and take some fabulous, nosey behind the scenes photos at too!)
15. Have you any tips for new bloggers?
Hmm, well – just enjoy it. Write about what you love, and not what you think you ‘should’ be writing about.  Comment on those blogs that you love, and not those you think you ‘should’ be following.  Have fun – and say helleeeew too! J
You'll have to excuse the reference to H&M's online you can see I've had this interview stored for a while, as I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming response I got when I sent these questions out!

Ann's blog is definitely one to have a look at - if only to keep up with her ever-changing hair colour!  She's also on Twitter too, so be sure to have a look there too.  With hair posts, beauty posts, fashion posts....this blog has something for everyone so go and follow.  You won't be disappointed.

T x

Cinderella promo pic taken from Scottish Ballet


  1. great interview !!! always nice to meet more of my fellow bloggers

  2. good questions! i like that you talk about other bloggers!

  3. ah, just seen that you've posted this! and on my birthday too, lol!

    I'll pop up a wee link too - thanks so much for the lovely words!


  4. Top interview! I bloody love Ann I do! And her eyebrows are the SEX! xx

  5. @girlinthecity - It's like I'm psychic!! Hope you had a good birthday x

    @DesignerSpray - omg aren't they!? x


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