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My featured blogger this week is, like myself, relatively new to the game.  That's not to say her blog isn't worth a read though.  In fact this girl has earned the title of Shopaholic and is all too happy to share her purchases with the blogging world.  And don't I love her for it.  Peering into her virtual shopping bag always makes me smile and the fact that she seems so truly sweet and genuine is all just a big bonus.  I know I say it about pretty much all of my interviewees (and yes, I meant it for all of them too!) but I have to say that there is something oh so genuine and accessible about Becki....she really does seem like the girl next door I'd love to have a natter with over a cup of tea.  So how happy was I when she agreed to have a natter with me via email and take part in my In the Spotlight series.  Have you got your cuppa ready?  Good, then sit back and relax with

Becki of beckiangel44

1. Sum yourself up in 5 words….
Ermmmm kind, funny, loyal, honest and a great laugh!

2. What’s your blog all about?
Well it's mainly about beauty but I do like to add things in like how my life's going and bits of clothes etc. that I've bought.

3. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
Well it actually came about from searching a how to cut your fringe video on youtube. I searched and up came a video from an uploader named lollipop26. I really enjoyed her style and sense of humour and watched another of her videos, then another, then another and so on. I then found out she had a blog also and started to look at that as well which then led me on to the blogging scene! So really it's all down to Laura lol.

4. What do you do for a living? (In your first post you said you’re hopefully off to uni in September…is this still the plan? If it is, what will you be studying?)
I was hopefully going to be off to uni in september, I got all my grades (woop) but had a change of heart on the career I wanted to follow. I had initially wanted to go straight in and do a midwifery degree and wrote my personal statement on it also, but after shadowing some nurses and volunteering for a year at my local hospital, I decided I wanted to do nursing first and then do an 18 month conversion course to midwifery. That way I am then qualified for 2 jobs and if I decide one is not for me I then have a back up to fall onto. So for me now I am taking a gap year and working/gaining more work experience and re applying for uni next year on the right course I want to be on!

5. Based on your blog, you strike me as a real girlie girl. How would your friends describe you?
Ermmm yes they deffos would describe me as girly, although saying that I'm the first one to grab a cup when there's a spider lurking around (I'm not scared of them) and if there's any trouble in a club I get right in there to break it up ahah so I'm quite boyish in a way also. I think also being only 5ft2 and blonde I've had to kind of fight off the sterotypical 'Cute' image lol. Guys always feel they need to protect me and I'm always like "I can defend myselfffff look watch! :D" so yes girly on the outside, slightly boyish on the inside if that makes sense..:-S

6. Who is your celebrity style icon, past or present?
Ooooo well number 1 is definitely Lauren Conrad. I have watched her on Laguna Beach since I was 14 when it was first shown on MTV over here. She is very similar to me in her priorities over friends and likewise we've both had/have friends who have dumped us for sucky guys...ergh, so I feel like I can totally relate to her. I also love Jessica Simpson too she has a similar body shape to me and I'm always checking out what she wears for ideas on what to buy hehe!

7. You seem to be continually buying new cosmetics, which is your favourite thing that you’ve purchased recently?
I know, it's quite bad! Ever since coming across the beauty blogging world someone gives a rave review of a product and then I'm like "I NEED IT!" lol, but I love trying out new things and get bored of the same routine day in day out so a little change here and there whether that be make-up or clothes is always good for me :) but favourite product that I've bought recently has to be the Chanel Bronze absolute amazing product but has to be used in conjuction with the MAC 187 brush which is also a fave this month...hmmm maybe I should do a monthly favourites!

8. You’ve got a massive Barry M nail varnish collection. Which is your most-used shade?
Ohh this is so hard as I actually love all the nail varnishes but the most used is probably Chocolate 129, I can't get enough of it and love wearing it on my toes on a night out. It makes a change from my usual dark red tootsies!

9. If you had to choose….nail varnish or lipstick?
Errrm well I'm only just starting to get in to lipstick so it would have to be nail varnish!

10. You have an eclectic make up collection, ranging from Mac to Topshop to Collection 2000. Which is your favourite brand?
Oooo hard! high end would have to be MAC just for the range and quality of their products but drugstore brand wise I'd have to pick Barry M ahhh no maybe Collection 2000!

11. What’s one beauty rule you always stick to?
Always ALWAYS exfoliate before applying fake tan. A friend of a friend of mines never does and always has this patchy orange dry skin look :S

12. How do you spend your spare time?
Spare time is spent with my doggy Milo around the park chatting to dog owners I've recently made friends with, my parents divorced when I was 4 years old but a few years ago my mum moved in with her new partner down in Rochester, I moved in with my dad as I didn't want to change schools during my GCSE's so I'm also always communting down to see her! and last but not least seeing my girlies!

13. What sort of music do you prefer?
I have such a varied music taste you won't believe! My iTunes makes my friends laugh! I love top 40, club, rock, oldies (Phil Collins, The Police, Michael Jackson) just anything really! I'm not really in to Slipknot though or heavy metal...makes my ears hurt :(

14. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?
Woah sooo many I love reading loads!! Ones I've been following for a long time are just the famous Lollipop26, Fleur De Force, Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog and Pearls and Poodles but I follow so many and read them all!

15. What can we look forward to on beckiangel44?
I'm trying to brave myself into the Youtube world but am still a bit shy! So fingers crossed once I've found the confidence a beckiangel44 channel will be up and running soon!

I confess this interview has been sat in my inbox for a while and I'd forgotten about the promise of a youtube once again I'm excited about the prospect!  It's clear from this interview what a girlie girl Becki is, and with a blog packed full of beauty products ranging from high end price luxuries to affordable treats, there really is something for everyone.  So off you go and follow!!

T x

Lauren Conrad image taken from realitytvmagazine


  1. Thanks for linking this - as a fledgling blogger myself, it's nice to follow some other newbies.
    Great recommendation

  2. Aww thank you so much Tabitha :) such nice words used made me smile :D becky xo


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