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This week I'm very excited to be interviewing the girl who started it all.  I'd spotted a new spin dryer contraption in Superdrug and, intrigued, I googled to find reviews when the Yummy Mummy popped up.  From then on a love affair with her blog started.  I began checking back regularly (before figuring out how to "follow") and her passion for beauty and great writing encouraged me to give the blogging lark a go myself.  Not only is Holly a Big Blogger, she's also becoming a YouTube guru.  With her perfectly polished blonde locks, she definitely is the ultimate Yummy Mummy, but also exceptionally down to earth, approachable, and lovely at the same time.  So girlies, enjoy this week's interview with

1.  Let's start off relatively easy...sum yourself up in 5 words
Outgoing, caring, passionate, honest and loving!

2.  What do you do for a living?
I have been a freelance journalist for the last six months but have just been given a job as an Online Editor for a small retail firm.

3.  What (or who) inspired you to start blogging?  Did you ever dream you'd have over 2000 followers?
Never ever, I never thought that anyone would ever read my blog!  I started it as part of my Uni course almost two years ago, I just merged my love of writing  with my passion for make up!

4.  You've got a gorgeous four year-old daughter, how do you manage to juggle motherhood yet still look so glam?
Thank you!!  It's tricky and I'm not always so glam but I do try.  I really do feel that just because you're a mum doesn't mean you aren't you anymore.  You still need to look and feel good about yourself.

5.  Who is your beauty style icon?
I don't have just one, I think so many people are beautiful and inspiring in different ways but I do love and think the classic filmstar icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are so elegant.

6.  Which is your favourite beauty brand?
I think the brand I rely on the most for quality staples is YSL.  They do great foundations, eyeliners, mascaras and of course lipstick! 

7.  If you could only live with one item of make up which would it be?
Nothing makes me happier than lipstick!  I have a bad addiction!

8.  What's your 'purchase of the moment'?  The item you've recently bought that you're not sure how you lived without?
Absolutely without question my Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation!!  A beautiful finish every time, I love it.

9.  What is your top skincare tip?
Use a gentle daily exfoliator cloth (muslin) or buffer sponge (Body Shop) with your cleanser as it removes the dirt more efficiently and evens the tone and texture of your skin.

10.  You always look immaculate in your pictures, are there any beauty faux pas lurking in your closet?
Lots!!  So many I cringe when thinking about them, but you learn as you grow up.

11.  You're a huge fan of nude lipstick, what's the one shade you couldn't live without?
My favourite nude would probably be Clarins Rouge Prodige in Nude, a very wearable and long-lasting colour.

12.  What's your favourite make up look to do?
99.9% of the time I go for contoured cheeks, winged liner and nude lips!

13.  What's your pet hate when it comes to beauty and make up?
Looking after your eyebrows is so important as they frame your face.  I love a bold brow.  Over plucking is most definitely a pet hate.

14.  Your blog is on my reading list, but what are your favourite blogs to read?
Thank you!  Ohh so many!  I love Bubblegarm, The GlossGoss, Tanya Burr, Lollipop26, IHeartCosmetics, MakeupSavvy and Liparazzi....I could go on and on!!

15.  What can we look forward to on YMBB?
I have been a little slack recently but I have a list as long as my arm on upcoming posts.  Lots of exciting in-depth reviews and top products posts.

16.  And finally, have you any tips for up and coming bloggers?
Keep writing no matter how many people read what you write, do it for you as a passion and not to gain anything.  Passion always shows in your writing, that's why I love the blogs I mentioned above.  Also interacting with others on Twitter etc is a great way to make friends and get noticed.

Speaking of Twitter, you can follow Holly here.  She regularly tweets and often includes photos as well.  Oh, and make sure to watch the YouTube video where Holly does her daughter's "make up" for her birthday party.....she's the cutest thing ever!  But did you all learn a little something new about the gorgeous Yummy Mummy tonight?  I'm sure you all already follow YMBB, but if you don't, go and have a prepared for serious make up envy though!

T x


  1. lovely interview! I absolutely adore her so thanks so much for doing a little interview with her :) xo

  2. EEEK that's me hahaha! Thanks for interviewing me, looking forward to your next in the spotlight :) xx

  3. Oooh I've discovered some more new blogs lol! The link to Yummy Mummy doesn't work btw, so I'm off to google it now! x

  4. @Becki - No probs, glad you liked! x

    @Holly - Thank you for taking part! x

    @Nic - How strange....I've changed it now so it should be working! Thanks for letting me know x


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