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As we reach the end of my In the Spotlight series, it gives me great pleasure to, again, introduce you to a lovely lady who helped ignite my fire for blogging.  Faced with 6 weeks of virtual unemployment as the children went on summer holidays, it was quite early on when I discovered this visual feast of pink frills and frivolity.  "Princess" is definitely a word which springs to mind once this blog loads.  But the girlie frosting tops off a competent, confident and knowledgeable blogger with great advice to give and beautiful looks to inspire.  The blog took a bit of a break as she settled into a new job recently, but I am so pleased to have her back with us.  Yes, this week it's
1.  Let's start off easy....sum yourself up in five words...
Giddy, girlie, sensitive, loyal and expressive.

2.  What do you do for a living?
I am a lawyer.

3.  What (or who) inspired you to start blogging?
I have always been really into make up and beauty.  I suffered from bad skin, unmanageable hair and low confidence as a teen.  Naturally, I became fascinated in the difference beauty products can make in terms of accentuating your features and increasing self esteem (think Miss Congeniality!).  I just wanted to be able to provide some other girlies with an insight into my beauty trials and tribulations (and of course, successes).

4.  Did you ever imagine your blog would be so popular?
Not a chance.  I do like to "give back" to people and so I did hope that some girls would have the chance to read it and perhaps find some posts useful.  However, I didn't really think that people would come across it.  I love that people take the time to have a look and leave lovely comments and hope that aside from being a bit of fun, some girls find it informative too.

5.  What would you say has been your biggest achievement?
It's probably cliched, but I would say graduating and obtaining my dream job.

6.  What do you like to do in your free time?
Blog (haha!).  I also like to spend time with the boyfy, have lazy days, drink cocktails, dance with my girlies, read lots of different literature and shop for girlie things.

7.  What's your favourite beauty brand?
I am really struggling with this at the moment.  I own a lot of Estee Lauder make up for day to day use, however there are other brands such as MAC and Bobbi Brown that I am really just discovering properly and will probably therefore lean more towards them.

8.  You always look flawless, have you any beauty tips to share with us?
First of all - I rarely look flawless!!!  Especially with the dark circles under my eyes.  That said, I would always say drink lots of water, eat lots of veg, look after your hair and don't let beauty become a chore - find what works for you and enjoy it!

9.  Whose style are you loving at the moment?
At the moment I absolutely adore Marion Cotillard.  I think she is beautiful and would love to just have that natural womanly beauty.

10.  Which item in your make up bag would you be lost without?
Eyelash curlers without a doubt.  I could not go anywhere without curling the lashes - not with my man eyelashes!!!!!!
11. You always create such gorgeous FOTD/FOTN, what's your favourite style of make up to do?
I have always loved focusing on eye make up in the past - with a particular love for false lashes.  However, I haven't used false lashes in around 9 months so I think realistically these days it would be strong lips - although there isn't much of this on the blog...yet.  (Watch this space!!  Hehe)

12.  If you had to chose just one, would it be lipstick or eyeshadow?
Lipstick without a doubt.  Can change your look from dull to glam in seconds.  Eyeshadow requires more work to achieve the same effect.

13.  What's your ultimate pet hate when it comes to make up?
Bright felt tip highlighter (description of shade), rank blusher on deep deep orange faces.  There is too much of that in the bars around town!

14.  What do you predict will be the next trend in the beauty world?
Deep, deep lipstick.  Think Illamasqua and Rebecca on XFactor combined.  I wouldn't say as deep as black, but a lot of plum lippie.

15.  What's your favourite item in your wardrobe?
A stunning LBD from Kookai which I have had since I was 13.

16.  What are your favourite blogs to read?

17.  What can we look forward to on the Beauty Blog of a Giddy Princess?
I would think more dramatic FOTDs along with the usual FOTDs.  New found love for Bobbi Brown, MAC and NARs with reviews in addition to lots of drugstore reviews also.

18.  Have you any tips for up and coming bloggers?
Enjoy, and be, yourself.  I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy myself, but I have also seen other bloggers receive negative comments from nasty anons and each time I think, well I love their blog and their personalities shine through.  So I think that even if that does happen - dust yourself off and remember loads of others out there enjoy reading your blog because you are true to who you are!

Great advice to end an interview on there :)  If you did want to test out Giddy's predicted trend of plum lips I suggest giving MAC's Media a's a lovely pigmented shade which I love!  And on the subject of Q5, her biggest achievement, I can truly say that Giddy, your answer was in no way cliched.  As a failed lawyer (well, I kinda gave up before I started lol) I can only say I am in awe of you.....a real life Legally Blonde!

So if you wanted tips, tricks and reviews from a truly gorgeous blogger then you definitely need to give this blog a look....go over there now and see what I mean!

T x

Miss Congeniality image taken from english.vietnamnet, Megan Fox image taken from houseoffraser blog

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