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Ok so here we are with my last ever In the Spotlight post!  As I said last week, I'll be sad to see it go but on the other hand I don't want my blog to get cluttered up with too many weekly post series so it'll be good to let go and have a touch more freedom!

Things have been a bit quiet lately for this blogger, but over the summer I totally fell in love with her lovely outfit pics, CUTE sister, fab tan and super sleek fringe!  So let's say hello (and hope she hears us) to

Kirsty of Boo

1. Sum yourself up in 5 words….
Right, well.. Honest, (sometimes a bit too much), sensitive (cried at an advert the other day), random, motherly aannnnnd... naive

2. What’s your blog all about?
Huh I'd like to know that myself.... I'd like to say fashion but I'm not the most fashion savy...It's really just the bumblings of a 23 year old.

3. Who or what inspired you to start blogging?
I googled "how to wear scarves" one day and Anna Saccone popped up I found her blog then so many other girls blogs, I would spend hours looking through them and getting tips etc I just thought everyone seemed so friendly and to be honest curiosity got the better of me... I should have really added 'curious' to my five words... damn!

4. What would your dream job be?
I'd really like to be a photographer one day; a fashion photographer would be amazing.  Don't think I'm cut out for it though!

5. In your “Peek-a-boo!” post you showed off an enviably flat stomach…are there any health and fitness tips you’d like to share with us on how you keep in shape?
Aaahh well thank you! I honestly think when I was working for my dad as a tiler/builder helped.. There was a lot of heavy lifting and running around.. Other than that I just dance like a lunitic and watch what I eat.

6. You’ve officially given me fringe envy, which products do you use to keep your fringe in check and your hair looking sleek?
Ha ha thanks! See, this is where I'm rubbish.. I don't use products really... Bit of hairspray when my fringe is being an ass... I just blow-dry down.. Oh I use Aussie Dual personality heat protection actually, just on the ends really.

7. How would you describe your style?
Simple, It's normally a T-shirt, jeans and a blazer.. I'm attempting to step out the box a bit more though.

8. Your skin always has a lovely warm glow, is it natural or from a bottle? If it’s a fake tan, which do you use?
I used to just use St Moriz pretty religiously but it was getting a bit too high maintenance! So I now use Dove Gradual Moisturizing Tan for fair skin :)

9. Which is your favourite shop for clothes?
Hmmm.. I always find something in New Look... Miss Selfridge for a nice going out dress if I want to spend more though!

10. If you had to choose… or bags?
Evil! Hmm.. bags.

11. Which products in your make up bag couldn’t you live without?
Mascara, I quite like my peepers so anything to show them off.

12. What’s been your favourite purchase this month?
I've not really bought anything... possibly my stripy baggy crop I got from New Look.  I really should go shopping!

13. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?

14. What can we look forward to on Boo?
Oh gosh, I've been trying to think. I'm hoping it will all change when I get a job and am able to buy lots of pretty things but for the moment it will just be Polyvore, pictures and ramblings of moi.

15. Have you any tips to share with new bloggers?
Be friendly and blog lots :)

I really do miss Kirsty's friendly face and outfit posts....if you don't already, click on over to follow her and hopefully we can lure her back to the world of blogging!  Or are you already following?  Do you miss her?!

And that's it.  No more In the Spotlight!  Did you enjoy it?

T x


  1. Oh my gosh i miss her loads... she is one of my fave bloggers and i miss seeing her comments pop up on my blog (i am the proud owner of Only By The Night blog!!)

    lovely post!!! x x x

  2. Already following and yes I do miss her!! Where is sheeee?


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