Book Review: The Confessions of Katherine Howard


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After the hugely successful 'The Other Boleyn Girl' I have to admit that I love a bit of Tudor fiction in my life.  This book tells the story of Katherine Howard; Henry's fifth wife who I feel is an easily ignored part of history.  For me, Katherine is the most interesting of Henry's wives and also the saddest.  She was roughly 16 when she married the King, whilst he was a 49 year old obese, bad tempered man.

Katherine seems to have been skirted over during my history lessons at school.  We spent a fair whack of time looking at the Tudors, but never a great deal on this girl who has become my favourite of his six wives. I feel so much empathy for her; she was a young girl thrown into a world of glamour and responsibilities as a Queen, when all that really interested her was entertainment, clothes, jewels and boys.  She was frivolous, childish and made mistakes but paid a price which was hugely unjust.

This book shows a darker side to Katherine, but a vulnerable one nonetheless.  Whilst it is an easy-to-read book, I just felt it was too fictionalized.  It's told through the eyes of Katherine's best friend and features a romance which the author admits was a project of her own imagination.  I know that there's no way the Tudor drama books I read are 100% fact, but I like to believe they are and not have that bubble burst!

A good read that doesn't require too much time and effort dedicated to it.....but not as good as Philippa Gregory.

Is anyone else a Tudor Geek?


  1. Oooh I'm going to have to read this! I loved The Other Boleyn Girl and I must admit I fancy anything Tudor :)

    xo Danielle

  2. @Death By Shoe - I'm obsessed! I didn't love it at school (God knows we spent enough time looking at them!) but thanks to Jonathan Rhys Meyers I can't get enough of all things tudor! x


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