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I'm back!  The internet is now up and running in our new house, so normal blogging will resume soon.  Hello to all my new Friendly Faces, I'm hoping to take some pics in the daylight tomorrow and get back on track asap.   For now, I'll leave you with a post I drafted a while back.
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This is a book like no other; thought-provoking, shocking, unforgettable and extremely clever.

Jack has spent his life in inside 11 foot square Room but his world is turned upside down when his Ma tells him on his fifth birthday that there is world outside of Room.

I had a true sense of horror at points reading this book; when Ma's kidnapper (and Jack's father) visits Room, and when Jack makes his escape my heart was genuinely pounding.  At the same time, the love and devotion Ma and Jack have for each other is truly beautiful.

This book really made me think about the lives of people who have lived in these horrifying circumstances once they are free and have to try and make their way into the world.  Jack finds this incredibly difficult and it made me wonder how the victims in cases such as Elisabeth Fritzl's cope with adapting to what everyone else would call normality.  And not just emotionally.  On a physical level Jack had trouble judging distances and space, while his eyes couldn't cope with natural light.  These are all part of the aftermath of such an imprisonment which had never even crossed my mind as a possibility.

My one bug-bear with this book is that you don't get to find out what happens to the kidnapper.  In reality the story is a tale of the love between a mother and son which has the power to conquer horrific circumstances, but the Law Student in me is dying to know that justice has been served.

A dark, disturbing book that has to be read to be appreciated.  I've heard it mentioned on the twitter circuit and I know it's being read for Gem's Book Club.....what are your thoughts on it?


  1. Great review, I found this book disturbing and unputdownable (is that even a word?) in equal measures. I wouldn't have picked it up had it not been for Gem's bookclub but I'm really glad I read it and it's definitely not one of those books that you finish reading and instantly forget about. x

  2. @LilyLipstick - definitely unforgettable! You should definitely try We Need To Talk About Kevin x

    @Reyna - it is! x


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