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"I have always felt very drawn to the sea, having lived beside it all my life and working in the Maritime industry...the anchor was an obvious choice.  I love the symbolism behind swallows - swallows mate for life and so symbolise loyalty and fidelity.  Sailors traditionally had swallow tattooed on them because if you saw a swallow it meant you were close to land; also because if sailors had swallow tattoos, if they drowned then the swallow would carry their soul to heaven."


  1. That's interesting! I never knew those facts about swallows, nor about the sailors having them tattooed for those reasons.

    x Michelle |

  2. I never knew those facts about sailors and swallows, now whenver I see swallow tattoos I'll see them in a new light! :) I really love the lines in this tattoo, the design and symmetry are amazing ♥

  3. This is beautiful and I love the meaning behind it. x

  4. I think it is pretty and love the meaning behind it :)

  5. @Whimsical Wolf - yup, I learnt something new when I got in touch with Rosie about this! x

    @LilyLipstick @ Ess-Jay24 - it makes it so much more special to know there's such a thoughtful reason behind it. A poster for getting a tattoo if ever I saw one! x


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