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"I love mythical creatures; fairies featured heavily in the books I read as a child so I equate them with a more carefree time of life.  When I first started my search for a fairy tattoo I came across a lot of highly sexualised fairies...the exact opposite of how I view fairies, hence there's very little detail to mine but the colouful wings.  Not even a face.
I've been through a lot in my a way my tattoo is the start of me doing things my way."


  1. I really like the placement of this tattoo :) I find it weird that fairies get represented sexually, especially with tattoos, I guess I find it quite sad actually D: They always remind me of my childhood, when I was capable of believing in them and everything magical! x

  2. @Whimsical Wolf - I'd love to have a tattoo on my hip/lower belly, but I know my body would make me regret it by distorting it! And yes, no way should fairies be viewed sexually....they're all about the magic!! x

  3. I like it! It's very nice even though it doesn't have a lot of detail, and by not having a lot of detail makes it even more special.

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