Vitamin E Skin Oil


I'm a fiend for anything coconut-scented; when Adrienne blogged about Superdrug's Vitamin E range I eagerly rushed out just so that I could add to my collection of holiday-smelling skincare goods.

I picked up the Hot Cloth Cleanser as well as the Day and Night moisturisers but it was this product that really caught my eye.  As a dry skin sufferer, I've never before seen a moisturising oil and was excited to try it out.

As expected, this smells deliciously coconutty and comes out a few drops at a time from a small dispenser (hole) when squeezed.  This is perfect for applying at night with my fingertips onto the dry skin that I suffer from around my nose and cheeks at this time of year.  My skin hasn't felt drastically smoother, but it hasn't stung either which is what I normally find when I apply cream directly onto this sore spot.  Last week Dudley managed to get his tooth inside my nose (long story....what I thought was a nice hug gone very wrong) and it was so sore, but the oil soothed it over night and it was a lot less sore the next day.

This product retails in Superdrug stores and online for £1.49.


  1. Love the price and am a big fan of vit e oil in general!

  2. wow thanks for this. Gonna check this out myself :)

  3. @Tali - I'd never tried it before, I think it's half price atm but it's so cheap I wouldn't mind paying full! x

    @Ezzy - you must! x


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