Tattooed Bloggers 11


"My siblings and i all got tattoos this year....all different, but essentially based on love and us as a family.  I'm a total romantic in every aspect of life and love will always mean everything to me!"
I'm running low on bloggers to unless you want the next few posts to just be me, get in touch with your tattoos!


  1. So simple yet cute, i love it :)

  2. I love feature and I would love to take part.
    XX x

  3. @Ess-Jay24 - it's lovely isn't it? I'd quite like something simple like this too x

    @Danielle Rose - emailed you! x

    @Ellen Atlanta - and this photo is so beautiful of my favourites x

  4. Cute and simple, really love it :) x

  5. this is so cute, I'm going for my tatoo consoltation this weekend so would love to feature once i've had mine! im getting the words "whatever we were to each other, that we are still" round my ribs under my arm :) x

  6. @Whimsical Wolf - I do too! x

    @alittlebeauty - ah I love the sound of that! When are you getting it done? Definitely get in touch to be featured! x


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