The Balm Dupes


Do you remember my post about The Balm's Hot Mama! eyeshadow/blush?  I thought there was something familiar about the tone of it, so I had a root around in my collection and came up with these dupes.

As you can see, Hot Mama! is in the middle, and to the left of it is Aldi's Lacura blush in Sunset.  This is a very similar peachy apricot shade that is beautiful and such a bargain at under £4.

On top with more of a gold tone is Sleek's Rose Gold.  This is an apparent dupe of NARS Orgasm and as I said, has much more golden shimmer than Hot Mama! does, although it still stays quite similar.

Finally, I've included MAC's Springsheen.  This is a favourite blush of mine, but like Rose Gold I think although its very similar, this is probably more red-dy gold than The Balm's offering.

So there you have it.  A few alternatives from a range of prices if you were looking for something similar  to The Balm's Hot Mama!  As you can see, I love my blushes to be in this type of shade, so if you know of any others I should invest in please let me know below!

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  1. Great dupes, I love The Balm, I wouldn't of tried The balm if it hadn't of been in Carmine. I'll invest in one of these dupes, they're gorgeous!


    1. Yeah I first heard of The Balm reading someone's Carmine review! They're not a brand I'd invest in normally, but the products I have are really good! x


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