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The Garnier Youthful Radiance creams are right up there in my list of favourite moisturisers.  At the moment I'm using a different range, but for a long time I used to use this pair day and night.  They're also readily available and can be bought in Boots or Superdrug, or alternatively picked up when doing the weekly shop in Tescos.  Simple as peas.

The cream itself is thick and well, creamy.  It glides on the skin with light slightly citrus scent (Ed's just informed me that this is standard Garnier scent and even their hair wax smells the anyone with a Garnier product should know what I mean).  I really like the scent and find it gives me a little wake up call in the mornings.  The night cream is denser than the day cream and is green instead of white.

I don't know how to describe how moisturising this actually is, all I can say is that I suffer with dry skin and on the whole this does its job well.  I do have some areas where I suffer from eczema which this doesn't provide enough moisture to, but for anyone with a normal-dry skin type I think this would work well.

But now onto my mini rant....
This cream ranges from £9.19 to £6.63 (although they're quite often on offer and I'm sure I paid even less) for the day cream and is a similar price for the night version.  In the picture above, on the left is the day cream in the old packaging and on the right is the new packaging for the night cream.

Now, I do love nice packaging but wouldn't pay extra for it to be fancy.  My bugbear is that the new packaging is horrible.  Gone is the sturdy, classy hard plastic/glass jar for a cheap, garish lightweight plastic alternative.  It's so light that I actually thought the product was missing from the box when I picked it up instore, then when I realised that there was in fact a jar inside, I questioned whether it was an empty, dummy product.  No, it's just that light.  Like I said, I wouldn't necessarily pay more for a glass jar but I'm not happy paying the same for a crappy plastic container!  At £9 I think this is on the pricey side of drugstore moisturisers, and I'm sure there's a good reason for the cutting down on packaging, but I think the price should be revised to reflect this!

I do apologise for what a rant this post has become, but who else is with me?!


  1. i love garnier skin range i love the rose cleanser and toner smells amazing

    1. These are the only two products I've really tried, but if they all smell like this I reckon I'd love it! x


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