MAC Tres Cheek collection: Full of Joy


When I received the email about MAC's latest (of many) new collection, I was excited by the purpleish hue on the model's cheeks.  Then I Temptalia-d for swatches and all excitement left.  The blushers all look similar in tone and there wasn't the lavender shade that I've been looking for.

Then I went instore and cracked.  I was instantly drawn to Full of Joy and, once swatched, I had to have it.  It's like a more pigmented version of Azalea Blossom and really does leave a gorgeous pinky-lilac sheen to the cheeks.  It's decently pigmented, and you don't need much to build up a good colour.  That said, it was too tricky to photograph, hence no shots of it applied.  This blush is a must for anyone who likes purple-tinged blushers reminiscent of Benefit's Hervana, and despite it's Frost classification is devout of any shimmer.


  1. Hmmm I've never used a blush with bluey/purpley tones to it but I sit here and wonder now. Im a big fan of pink blush, pink blush is all I need in my life. So I might just have to have a peek at this one in person! ;) xxx

    1. It's really unique! I think I'll have to check out the rest of the collection next time, I was blinded by this shade that I forgot to look at the others! x

  2. Swatched this a week ago and loved it as it's a lovely colour and one I don't have! Im off for a makeover on Thursday at MAC so may get it then xx

    1. Ooh you must! And let us know how the makeover goes! x


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