Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Facial Lotion


I know, I know...I frequently post a new moisturiser and herald it as my new favourite but this one really is.  I picked this up in Superdrug because I love Palmer's products and well, just got sucked into the idea of a new range.

I have dry skin, ranging to extremely dry (and slight eczema) across my forehead.  I already use the solid cocoa butter with an eco tools pad every day on this area, and know that the Palmer's formula doesn't aggrevate my eczema so I figured I'd give this a go and see how it worked out on the rest of my skin.

Not gonna lie, I did get buyer's remorse when I got home and read the product in a bit more depth.  I was sold by the fact that it's for sensitive skin, but when I spotted that it's lightweight my heart sunk.  My parched skin needs some industrial-strength moisturiser!  I'm not sure if my understanding of "lightweight" is wrong, but I wouldn't say this product is that.  Or maybe I've severely over-estimated the dryness of my skin?  Anyway, this does feel quite light and slightly gel-like on application (perhaps this is the lightweight part?) but the moisture it provides is amazing.  My skin feels hydrated and smooth, and this feeling lasts for a good while after I've done my make up.

This moisturiser also claims to calm stressed skin and reduce redness.  I do suffer from the usual redness around my nose, but wouldn't say I've spotted a dramatic difference in this.  I'm not sure I'd classify my skin as "stressed out", so couldn't comment on the effects it would have.

Has anybody else tried this?

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