Another winner from the Glossybox!  I suffer with eczema on my hands and I'm really enjoying using this cream.  On my eczema-prone hand the fingers crack, swell and get red, but after a few days of using this I'm pleased to report that even my Mum commented that my hands were beginning to look like they match!  It smells good and feels good, without being too thick or too runny.  

I love everything about this product, from the super cute cardboard box it was packaged in (sadly Dudley got to this before I managed to take a photo), to the kitsch feel the brand has.  It's packed full of nutrients and their website sums it up so much better than I can, so take a look here!  The product was designed for nurses on the go, which means it also has a nice "hygienic" scent to it!

Is anybody else a hand cream junkie?


  1. This is the first handcream that I've really loved. I also suffer from eczema and find that most brands just make my skin more irritated but this one is lovely and the packaging is so cute! x

    1. I loved the little box it came in! Definitely going to have to sign up for this x


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