Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray


You'll all know this product.  And like me, I bet you've all got some form of sea salt spray kicking around which promises to give you perfect Olsen-esque beachy waves.  None have succeeded, and after hearing one too many times that this is the best of the best, I decided to give it a go.

My hair hasn't been transformed.  £19.50 was a lot to spend, and however much I wanted to like this product, I can't say it's given me anything close to the beach goddess locks I was hoping for.  It does give me a fair amount of texture, but this is generally achieved after neglecting to brush my hair, rather than organically creating any of that messy bed-head hair.

In Bumble & Bumble's defence, my hair is annoyingly straight.  It's a mammoth effort to even coax a bit of shape into it (and no, air drying does not work), let alone a full head of sultry waves.

On the plus point, I ordered from the Bumble & Bumble website where there was an amazing deal to take advantage of.  I bought this, along with the Prep and got a free Styling Creme, free delivery and a choice of samples.  The website is a dream to navigate, and the freebies definitely sweeten the deal.  However, a bug bear would be the packaging.  The Surf Spray bottle is rubberised, so the cardboard stuffing that came in the box has left a dusty film over the bottle which for some reason really annoys me!

Overall I'm underwhelmed.  I was excited to branch out into Bumble & Bumble products and have my eye on a few others, but unfortunately the Surf Spray hasn't ended my quest for a holy grail salt spray.  Have you any others to recommend to me?


  1. i purchased this the other day, ive yet to try it but the packaging also bugged me, for some reason i thought it would be a glass bottle :S xx

    1. Yes! Just seems strange that they'd knowingly package it in something that will get stuck to the bottle and cause me such annoyance! x


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