The Museum of London


Today Mum and I went on one of our customary trips to London, as we always tend to during school holidays.  This time we went for The Museum of London which was awesome.  Seriously, best museum I've been to in a long time and it definitely satisfied my inner geek.  The Victorian walk made me wish we could have streets like that again and the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens were really charming and whimsical.  I happily spent 2 hours there and would definitely recommend it and go again.

After that we went for lunch, spotted a man who looked very familiar but neither of us knew why, wandered around St. Paul's Cathedral grounds and then headed for Carnaby Street.  Oh, and call me easy to please, but how good is the H&M on Regent Street?  So light and airy...I loved it!

Where would you recommend I head to on my next trip to LDN?


  1. I love the Museum of London, I've been meaning to go back for a while! x

  2. lovely photos :)
    have you been to islington yet? theres a really cute market down camden passage, reccomend :) x


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