KG by Kurt Geiger Lexi


I saw these a couple of weeks ago and fell in love.  Beige, gold studding, wedge heel...everything is perfect.

It's safe to say my wedge trainer obsession is continuing.  I was dubious about the trend at first, but I've become a fully fledged member of the pro-wedge team.  I love the way they elongate the leg, add a bit of sports-luxe to an outfit and the fact that they're crazy comfy.  I wore these for a day trawling around Ikea and whilst I would have been hobbling after a while in any other wedges or boots, for some reason these don't hurt at all.

These trainers have gone up in price by £20 since I purchased them, and are now retailing on Kurt Geiger's website at £120 although John Lewis are still listing them at £100.


  1. These are amazing :) love the leggings too! x

  2. hi! may i ask how the sizing of these sneakers run? any help is appreciated!

    1. I'm a size 5 and I bought a 5....they fit fine! x


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