Autumn Lipsticks: MUA Shade 10


MUA Shade 10 is a brick-ish red colour with brown undertones and gold shimmer running throughout.  It goes on fairly sheer so is great for layering over other lipsticks to give a bit more of an Autumn-type depth to similar colours.  Having fairly pigmented lips I find I can also build this up to give me a deeper brown-toned natural look.

The selling point of MUA products is undoubtedly their price.  This set me back just £1, and for that price the quality is amazing.  It glides on easily without any drag, has a pleasant caramel-ish scent and gives a decent length of wear.  The packaging feels sturdy and I love the colour-coded base to the tube to help identify which shade it is.


  1. I really love MUA lipsticks - I think they're amazing for £1! I've got a dark red one which I absolutely love :)

    1. For some reason I've never really looked at them. I have some of their eyeshadows and blushers, but I think the way they displayed the lippies just never appealed to me. I'm really impressed with this one though! x


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