If you go down to the woods today


The fir tree got me more than a little excited for Christmas, and does anybody else see a deer when they look at the log in the last picture?

Sundays in Autumn were made for woodland walks.  These lovely woods aren't as close as when we were living with Mum so we have to drive to them, which makes it a bit of a pain to take Dudley cos he's big and get the car all muddy.  Look how big he's got since last year!

Speaking of how big he is, it really makes me nervous walking him.  He was off the lead playing with Ed when a little jack russell wandered along.  Dudley instantly ran over to play and the little dog started snarling and yelping.  Dudley didn't even touch him, but he's a big boy and I'm well aware that he could do some damage if he wanted to.  The thing is though, Dudley never wants to, but this dog was about the size of our cats and unlike Coco and Beau just ran underfoot rather than away.  My worst nightmare would be for Dudley to hurt somebody or another dog by accident, but I know his size always makes situations like this always look so much worse.  It could just be me panicking, but I hate the thought that people will think we're irresponsible dog owners purely based the fact that he's big and wants to play with anything that moves.

Do any other dog owners have this problem? 


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    1. Thank you! I love this time of year x

  2. I don't let my dogs play with any other dogs at all - they've both been attacked before. Wilson is very protective over Jessie and gets very growly with other dogs. They are both trained to come back to me if they see another person or another dog - it's just safer that way xx


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