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For starters, boy is it hard to take a photo of a book that exists electronically!

I'm of the belief that blogging is not a science.  It's an art.  People either like your blog or they don't, and there's no formula to be replicated to create a successful blog.  It's this thinking which has led me, up until now to stay away from books about blogs, and that has stopped me from reading too much into any online articles which, in my opinion, offer tips, tricks and a false hope on how to be the owner of a popular blog.

Blog Inc. is written by Joy Deangdeelert Cho who blogs at Oh Joy! and has bucket loads of advice which can be applied to blogs on all topics and all sizes.  Like I said, I tend to steer clear of these types of publications, but I got some really useful inspiration when reading this which I've already started to put into practice here on Scaredtoast.  There are also interviews with a variety of established bloggers which, although giving an interesting background on their blogging beginnings, I did find myself skipping through after a while.

This book manages to stay out of preachy-preachy territory, although as it progresses I did find there was an expectation that the reader would have managed to create a blog with 100,000+ page views a month as well as a desire to move onto bigger and better things.  This isn't the reason I picked this book up, but it is interesting and useful information for some people to have and I suppose Joy wanted to cover the bigger picture and go over the possibilities out there for a successful blogger.

Blog Inc. is essentially a crash course in blogging, starting way back at the start with the actual setting up of your blog.  I guess for a lot of people reading this review that this information would be null and void, but again it will definitely be a helping hand for lots of others just starting out.  Basically, this is a book I think every blogger should read!

What are your thoughts on these types of book?


  1. Looks interesting, I really love the one by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. Hers is an 'e-course' but it's actually just a book online if you ask me. It's not preachy at all but is very inspiring. I hate posts about 'how to gain more followers' too.. I always find that people that focus purely on the followers rather than building a blog they enjoy working on are a bit less enjoyable xx

  2. When I first started I ordered a book about setting up a blog from Amazon, it was nearly £20. By the time it arrived a couple of days later I'd set up my blog by figuring it all out on my own and had no use for the book!
    I've done the course that Charlotte mentioned and a couple of other online courses too but I don't think there's any substitute for just blogging how you want to and seeing if it works! xx

    1. I agree that the best way to learn is to do, but the blog love course is very handy if you blog for business (I do at work) xx

  3. Might be tempted to give this book a go! Could be valuable for work too :)


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