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Despite loving my Sleek Contour Kit for a good 18 months, lately I'd got the feeling that it was leaving me with a patchy, dusty, almost muddy look to my face.  So when the Kim Kardashian contouring pictures hit Twitter, I was convinced that a cream contour was the way forward.

I managed to arrive late to the MAC Pro Sculpting Cream party.  I remember watching Holly's video when she said she felt a lot of them were too warm in shade to act effectively as a contour, so being in the midst of a (half-hearted) spending ban, I decided to wait until after payday and go and swatch instore.

Then the usual happened.  I googled around, decided on the shade most likely to suit me only to find it was sold out on MAC's website.  Cue my usual panic, so I started searching for a replacement.  Only to find that those recommended to me came with a hefty £40+ price tag.

Then I got the brainwave of opting for a cream foundation instead.  I'd seen online that Sleek had some good options, but whilst in Westfield the other week I chose to go with Inglot.

I swatched a lot of these Inglot Cream Powder Foundations on my hand and decided to go for one of the darkest shades which didn't lean too orange-toned on my skin.  My personal highlight of that day was the MUA's look of horror when I asked for this shade, yet she didn't stop to warn me it may be a touch too dark...

Anyway, I've found this to be an amazing contour.  I use my Real Techniques Contour Brush to blend this, either by swirling the brush in the compact or by getting a little product on my finger and dabbing it onto the skin before blending.  Emphasis on the "a little".  This is going to last me for-ever because you really do need the tiniest amount.  But for anybody heavy handed like me, fear not.  I find that a light once-over with my buffing brush does the job in hiding any harsh lines.  A 5 o'clock shadow is not a good look.

There is a real gap in the market for cream contours, and when the high street catches on I'll be excited to try out their offerings.  Until then, at £12.50 for a product that does the job and is going to last a long time, I think I've struck gold.

Will you be joining me in the foundation-as-contour revolution?


  1. This is such a good idea, I can't wait to try it out.

    Elise x


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