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When it comes to perfumes, I tend to lean towards deeper, muskier and almost masculine scents.  My favourite perfume of all time is the debateably unisex,  MAC MV3 which has now been discontinued (sob).  Gucci by Gucci is a very grown up scent which manages to be floral enough to stay distinctly feminine, yet warm enough to avoid being overpoweringly sweet and girlie.

You don't need me to tell you again that I am in no way equipped to be telling you about the notes of a perfume.  In fact, I don't understand it in any way.  But for those of you who do like to know, Gucci by Gucci is a "chypre floral fragrance. The top of the fragrance emerges with an unexpected and exotic blend of guava and pear, bringing uniqueness and modernity. The heart adds a rich, sensual femininity with the Tahitian Tiare flower bringing creaminess to an unconventional bouquet. Musky notes and honey add sensuality and warmth to the strength of the patchouli."

This is the fragrance that I mentioned in my Diary of a Shopaholic entry.  It's listed on the Boots website at £40 for 30ml, yet I managed to pick this up in one of my local stores for just £20.  If you fancy treating yourself then I'd definitely recommend this perfume.  Everything about it is luxury, from even the box to the gold toggle detail on the bottle.  This has become my new favourite and I'd certainly pay full price for another once this has run out. 

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