Nivea Lip Butter


As an avid lipstick wearer, keeping my lips in good condition is top of my list.  I have a whole host of different lip balms, and my latest addition is this Nivea Lip Butter.

Firstly, this product smells uh-mazing.  It smells good, and when applied it leaves a yummy vanillary scent reminiscent of the Milky Bar yogurts I used to love as a child.  It's creamy and thick and feels really nourishing.

In comparison to some other lipcare products you might be familiar with, it's not as gloopy as Vaseline, not as gritty as Figs and Rouge (although this is perhaps the closest in consistency) and not as thin as my Balmi.

So far I'm really impressed with this product.  It's an incredibly reasonable price, and actually I'd be happy to pay double this for something which feels this luxurious.  This does leave a creamy, smeary feeling to the lips so is one I'll be saving for night time.

The Nivea Lip Butter is available in Boots and also comes in original, raspberry rose and creme caramel flavours.  The creme caramel smelt lovely, so may be the one I try next!    


  1. I've not seen this flavour anywhere, I'm addicted to the caramel one though! x

    1. Yeah, I wonder if it's only Boots that stock it. I saw the range in Tesco, but in every other flavour besides this! Definitely worth tracking down though x


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