Winter Skincare


Following on from my post about lipcare, I thought I'd share with you my winter skincare.  My skin is dry all year round, but Winter is the time that I (along with 99% of the population) suffer most.

This year however I've been pleasantly surprised.  I picked up this Botanics Facial Oil in the Summer, and after a few nights slathering it all over my face, ditched it when I broke out.  I thought I'd give it another go though, so now I put a few drops on my fingertips (using the ever-so clinical looking pipette), warm it up a little and then massage this into my skin.  After that I apply a layer of Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser over the top before heading to bed.

This has been working so well.  My skin feels soft and plump and there are pretty much no dry areas on my face.  It also doesn't aggravate my eczema, and overall seems to be helping slightly.

Now, the Clinique moisturiser came as a sample and has now ran out.  And as much as it pained me to do so, I've accepted the fact that this made a big difference in my skincare so I've taken the plunge and repurchased the full size.

How are you keeping your skin looking good at the moment?


  1. I might have to pick the oil up, I have terribly dry skin at the moment x

  2. I'm tempted to pick up that Clinque moisturiser in the duty free. I'm struggling to find a moisturiser that is rick enough to sort out my dry skin but that doesn't break me out. x

    1. This is very moisturising, but not so rich that it feels like you're smothering your skin. My sister has just started working in Debenhams so I'm looking forward to when she gets her card for staff discount...20% off! x

  3. I've really been struggling finding a facial oil that isn't ridiculously priced and it looks like I may have found my solution here!


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