Pacifica Soy Candle in Island Vanilla


You may have noticed, but candles are really becoming my thang.  So when I was offered the chance to review one of the Pacifica range I jumped at the chance.

I chose the fragrance Island Vanilla because, well, I'm a vanilla fiend (although UberFacts did go someway towards putting me off!) and I say you can never have too many vanilla candles.  This one doesn't smell as sweet as my other offerings and is a welcome change with it's slightly cleaner and more grown up take on vanilla.

Besides the smell, this candle is a real statement on my desk or bookshelves with it's vibrant pink hue zinging (is that a word?) out against the all-white background.  It also burns with a really big, orange tipped flame.  Not sure if anyone else is bothered by this, but I hate lighting a candle only to find the flame is miniscule.

As far as I'm aware, I've never had a soy candle before, and I'm lead to believe they're much better than plain old wax.  Apparently they burn cleaner as well as slower and cooler.

All in all, I'm really impressed with this candle.  I've been having a nosy online and all of Pacifica's other offerings are just as beautifully packaged....I want to get my hands on the Mexican Cocoa and Mediterranean Fig ones next!  If you like the look of these, you can buy one from


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    1. It's lovely, and when it's been burning a while it all goes translucent and looks fab x

  2. I'm a sucker for candles - and I've never seen a vanilla one that isn't cream coloured!

    1. It has a really unique smell too. Such a shame I've never seen these in any shop because I'd love to have a smell of the others x

  3. Ooh these look really nice, I'd like to try them!
    Like you, I love candles :)
    Vanilla is also one of my favourite scents.
    Thank you, for the review.


  4. Candles are my thang too. I'm currently burning a soy one and I have found it hasn't left any soot marks around the rim of the glass. What I like about the one you mention is the colour of it, you never expect to see a vanilla scented candle which isn't ummmmmm vanilla coloured!

    1. It's gorgeous! I think this will be the quickest candle I've ever got through because I can't stop burning it! x

  5. Ooooh these are lovely! Looks delish! I used to make soy candles and they are much better, they just don't seem to smoke as much or at all really, and they hold the scent so much better! :)

    S xx


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