14 things I'm looking forward to in May


1.  Ed's birthday.
2.  Warmer weather....it's got to happen soon, right?
3.  Making birthday wishlists.
4.  A month of no spending.  Nearly.  Pretty much.  I'm not actually looking forward to not buying any new things, but it'll be a relief to have a bit more money!
5. Getting use out of my multiple new bags.
6.  Maybe seeing this lovely lady again?
7.  ...And possibly Rosie and Samantha?
7.  Buying this.   And then no spending!
8.  Half term.
9.  Doing some more exciting stuff for GetReading.
10.  A roast dinner at the carvery.
11.  A half-termly catch up at Nando's.
12.  Seeing if all the tablets I've been buying from Holland & Barrett are actually having an effect.
13.  Making Ed's birthday cake.
14.  Finding out if my car insurance is cheaper this year.  From the quotes I've been getting, it should be!

Last month 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 happened.  We never got round to organising 4, Ed was working too much to fit in 6 and I was too lazy for 9!


  1. Oh god, I always look forward to roast dinners/carverys.. always x

    1. On the whole I dislike roasts, but every now and then I really want one! x

  2. I need to stop spending but every pay day I just go freaking mental. I hope May is a great month for you and full of meet ups and Nandos xxx

    1. Gah payday is like all my Christmasses at once...I dunno what happens, but I go nuts! Hopefully this month I manage to tone it down x

  3. So jealous of you seeing all those lovely ladies!! Woo for cheaper car insurance too, that's a fab thing to be looking forward to xx

    1. As it is, I put money across into another account to cover the car insurance. I already put a little more than I need to in, but it'll be nice to keep that up once (if) the car insurance drops and finally start building up some savings! Albeit little ones! x

  4. Great idea a post series. I would like to crash you seeing Rosie and Samantha :) hazaaaa xxx


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