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Remember my devastation when Let The Good Times Roll left my life as quickly as it entered?  I've been mourning it ever since, and have been keeping an eye out on Lush for something to come close.

So on a recent trip to Lush, I found myself perusing the scrub section at the back of the shop.  I tend to hover around the fresh face mask/cleanser area, so I was on new territory here.

But I should have gone there sooner!  A plethora of new and exciting products was in front of me, and I quickly sniffed out Ocean Salt.

This scrub contains fine sea salt, organic limes and avocado butter (amongst other things), which means it smells amazing.  Fruity and refreshing, the opposite of Let The Good Times Roll, but perfect for summer.

Now, I'm not entirely sure which part of the words "salt" and "scrub" led me to believe this would be on the more gentle side of scrubs and more like a cleanser.  The reality is that this stuff means business.  But I quite like that, and (I'm assuming) the avocado butter leaves a sort of oily, soft residue that the salt seems to be suspended in which leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft as opposed to literally scrubbed with sea salt.

For now, I've found my HG facial scrub and am really enjoying using this alongside Oatifix.  Anything else from Lush you'd recommend to me?


  1. Oh I love scrubs that actually feel like they're doing something!

  2. I've recently got this and love it too! I couldn't believe how soft and moisturised my skin felt after using salt.
    If you want to try a similar product from them I'd recommend Dark Angels, it's sold as a cleanser but has black sugar in it to gently exfoliate.
    Sam xx

  3. I used the 'Mask of Magnaminty' face pack tonight and it smells amazing! I am also currently loving their facial cleanser 'Ultrabland'... so much so that I have stopped using 'Duac' (a prescribed acne cream) as the Ultrabland is so much better!! I'll have to give Ocean Salt a try now! Thanks for the review :) xx

  4. This is a favourite of mine! I love everything about it and definitely need to get a new one ASAP!

  5. I finished up my last back-up of Let the Good Times Roll last month and since then have been oil cleansing to incredible results! <3

  6. Hi there :) thanks for this post, that scrub sounds good enough to eat (ewww that would be gross in reality!) I got a bunch of Lush goodies for my birthday - I liked their Siren face mask and their Porridge soap. 'Scratchy' scares me, so that remains untouched for now!
    Lou xx

  7. I lovvvve this scrub. I wish it weren't so expensive! I got through a tub so quickly :(

    Life of Mabel


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