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Last week's interiors post went down better than I anticipated, so this week I've managed to bag you another one!
Finally it feels as if summer is here, and at last we’re able to enjoy some much needed sunshine. However, before you start donning the shorts and shades, you need to ask yourself, is your home summer-ready? Taking the initial steps to transform a home can be a daunting prospect for anyone. So, to alleviate the pressure a little, why not opt for a quirky trend or two? Not sure where to start? Here’s a selection of our favourite eccentric, dynamic and downright unusual design ideas for the best season of the year. 

Alice in Wonderland
Picture this: the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Everything is upside down, back to front, and generally far from the place where it should be. Well, it’s this topsy-turvy world which designers have fallen in love with. It’s about bringing a bit of magic to your home; ‘silly but structured.’ Sound like something for you? Then try to be spontaneous with your interior plans and embrace the ditsy, carefree world of Alice. Fill your home with adornments that make you smile. Maybe a lamp made from teacups, a patchwork couch, or even some pretty Hillarys plantation shutters to bring the look together? With this style, you’re free to be as creative as you like! 

Old versus New
Don’t you just love it when you move into a new home and your parents/grandparents tell you that they used to have furniture like that or that they still own something similar? Well, with this in mind, interior experts are turning this age-old conversation on its head by creating the concept of ‘old versus new.’ Taking those dated pieces that once defined a generation, and flavouring them with a taste of contemporary character, designers are encouraging homeowners to embrace modernity, but with a difference. For instance, why not take that old-fashioned leather armchair you once thought about throwing away and reupholstering it with a bold, zany Aztec maQterial? Instantly your room feels more interesting, and given a new lease of life. 

With the push for the nation to become more eco-friendly, interior designers are eager for the public to bring the outside indoors… literally! Everything from moss tiled walls to plant chandeliers, they’re doing everything they can to show that it’s easy being green. However, if you too would like to incorporate the ‘natural feeling’ into your humble abode, then there are ways and means of achieving this without making it look like the Amazon. For example, there are plenty of 1950s-esque botanical print wallpapers available for you to choose from, so why not give it a go?
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  1. Love the Alice in Wonderland theme for interiors! So fun :) x


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