The Week: 17.6.13


On Monday afternoon I discovered that I no longer want to be a person who feels sick mid-month at the realisation that I've spent an awful lot of my wages on a whole lotta nothing.  So I am back on the no-spending wagon, and so far my nerve has stuck and I've resisted a fair few temptations this week.  The goal is to avoid spending for the next 10 weeks.  It's a long time, but the summer holidays are notoriously bad for my bank balance, so I'm aiming to spend as little as possible and perhaps blog about my efforts along the way.

That said, I did treat myself with a little spare cash I had.  The spending ban is mainly on clothes and make up, so I didn't feel too guilty about buying a new tablet on Saturday.  I'm sure it'll be in a favourites video so I'll leave the details until then, but I will say I didn't go for an iPad. I went for a much cheaper and underrated alternative which I'm loving.  Speaking of videos, I also filmed a haul video this weekend.

On Wednesday I went for a much-needed Nandos catch up with an old work friend.  I tried their bottomless frozen yoghurt for the first time, she helped me build up some no-spending motivation, and it was nice to chat to somebody who reads my blog/watches my YouTube and knows me in real life as well.  Always good to check that you're coming across as 'you' still!

Thursday I did a new ab workout at the gym.  Core Crunch (I think it's called) on the Nike Training App is a killer....I can still feel it now!

We had an Egyptian-themed day at work on Friday so I got to unleash my inner-Cleopatra with lashings of eyeliner.  I used to wear liquid liner on a daily basis; I took the majority of it off at lunchtime but with what was left I discovered that I just don't like it anymore.  My eyes looked far too 'done' and it just didn't look right.  Funny how times change.

And today I'm writing this in my pjs before I jump in the shower and head over to my sister's for a haircut.  At the moment I'm scared, but I've admired the long messy bob style for so long that I may as well take the plunge.  There's a chance I may cry, but it's only hair right?  And it's not as if I had ground-breaking Kardashian-esque locks.

Speaking of Kardashians....North West? Really??
P.S. To avoid disappointing you over the course of the next few weeks, I will say there are a few exceptions to my spending ban. 1) Necessities are allowed.   2) If Debenhams has a mega-day event thing.  Although I've been good and resisted the one this weekend.  3) On a long-awaited trip to Bicester in a couple of weeks I have a limit and I am allowed to treat myself!

P.P.S  It's the evening now, and I love my new hair!!!


  1. Your new hair looks amazing! It's nice to have a change every now and again. I am on a spending ban too as I just have too much stuff from a few years of impulse buying. I'm only letting myself buy work clothes or necessities. Let's hope it lasts! x

  2. I am always getting through the last three weeks of the month without any money, it has to stop!!

  3. Good luck with your spending ban. I'm pretty much on one at the moment, but that is simply because I have no money :( x

  4. Oh maaaan, I'm so with you on the spending! Although lately I've been good with my money.

    I LOVE eyeliner! I've been applying it since I was 15, it's definitely the 'Asian' in me, ha! x

  5. Really love your hair, i had a similar chop recently and i was so happy with the results :) I'm also very talented at letting my money run away from me with nothing to show! I tell myself every month that i have to budget budget budget...but i always seem to fail. I've even considered giving my card to my bf and taking my allowance per week in cash! Good luck on your endeavour :)
    Lou xx


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