The week: 24.6.13


I'm struggling to remember much about this week!  I worked hard at the gym and did cardio Monday, core crunch again on Tuesday and then legs on Thursday.  I would have done more, but 96 squats and 192 lunges later and I'm in serious pain.  I can just about make it down the stairs now...

Wednesday I blogged another interiors post.  I'm thinking of making that a weekly thing; now that the summer holidays are wonderfully close, it'll give me lots of time to get my act together around the house.  Especially if I don't have the excuse of being able to shop.  So Wednesdays seem a good time to share any inspiration I've spotted from around the web with you guys.

I also took advantage of a couple of discount codes on Thursday and bought some definite necessities from cheapsmells and The Body Shop.  There's 40% off at The Body Shop ending today (including sale) so it's a great time to stock up.  I also snuck in there today and got some body butter and hemp soap-free handwash (my eczema hurts so bad!) for the grand total of £4!

I filmed another YouTube video on Saturday, which explains the cheesy photo above.  If you're interested in seeing what my June favourites are then click here.

Then today we went to Nandos for lunch for my younger sister's birthday.  Can't believe she's turning 19!  We did do a bit of shopping later and on the whole I was good.  Any little treats that snuck in were so cheap (e.g. The Body Shop!) that it's hard to feel guilty about them!

And because it wouldn't be a Sunday post without some sort of pet photo, here's Dudley in all his glory!  I've been messing about with my new lens and really loving the effect it gives.  Just a little bit miffed to have to admit that he's more photogenic than the cats!


  1. This is a really good idea to do a little round up of your week :)
    Dudley is adorable too! :)
    emmerliejay x

  2. Aww Dudley is so cute! I didn't so anything productive this week :)

    Life of Mabel

    1. Haha he definitely knows how to work the camera! x

  3. Aww love Dudley!

    And when did you start showing your face?! I'm so out of it atm!

    C x

    1. Haha keep up! It got exposed through some work I did with a local paper, so seemed a good time to give YouTube a try! x

  4. Sorry to hear about your eczema, if I can offer any advice, please visit my blog, I have eczema and allergies so I write about products that could be helpful for you :)


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