14 things I'm looking forward to in July


Oops, I'm a little late with this one but here goes...

1.  Family birthdays.
2.  Another trip to Nandos.
3.  Shopping in Bicester.
4.  The end of term and the fun it brings.
5.  Warmer weather??
6.  Being able to hang clothes out on the line to dry (I'm well aware of just how boring that sounds)
7.  The start of the summer holidays.
8.  Being able to visit the gym during the day.
9.  A family barbecue.
10.  Possibly getting my ear pierced.
11.  Having the time to do some serious spring cleaning.
12.  Trying my best to avoid venturing into town.
13.  That first week off work where sitting in pyjamas until 1pm is totally acceptable.
14.  The opportunity to put a lot more effort and work into my blog....here's hoping it pays off!

June was a pretty awesome month....1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 all happened.  3 got changed to Brighton, 6 has been postponed and 7 has been moved to this weekend.  So all in all, a pretty good month!


  1. I'm looking forward to warmer weather too.... fingers crossed we get some!!



    1. I'm a bit late replying....but if the glorious weather we've had this week holds out for a bit longer, I'll be a happy bunny! x

  2. Eek, busy month! Hope you have a great time.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  3. I am looking forward to warmer weather and barbecues too, this weekend is supposed to be a scorcher :)
    I too get very excited by hanging washing on the line, I managed to get it out three times last week and went on about it, a lot! x

    1. It's sad isn't it? But so much easier than trying to fit things that can't go in the tumble dryer onto radiators that aren't actually on because, although it's raining, it's too warm to put the heating on! x

  4. I love line drying my clothes! They smell so fresh :)

    Life of Mabel

    1. Hate line-dried towels though....too stiff! x

  5. Love this post, it sounds like you're going to have a lovely month :) July is always one of my favourite months, fingers crossed we actually get some nice weather though!!
    Love Holly x


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