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If you’re looking to inject some style into your home this summer, why not treat it to some much needed celebrity glamour? Forget about shy and retiring pastels or calm and collected neutral hues; what every home needs in 2013 is a bubbly burst of colour to brighten up the place.

From controversial contemporary art to furniture for home cinema, here are our suggestions on how you can best embrace the life of the rich and famous.

The Big Screen
Word on the street is, staying in is the new going out. So make the most of the home social-hub with your own big screen. In this day and age, a home cinema is the ultimate luxury. It’s ultramodern, chic, not to mention the fact it provides the most incredible screening experience, all in the comfort of your own home.
Our advice? Head to Neville Johnson and discover the best home cinema furniture for your household. With a whole host of breathtaking designs to select from, you’ll certainly find a look to suit your personal tastes.

If you really want to rival the life of the rich and famous, go monochrome. It’s a timeless combination that never fails to create instant drama and style, perfect for achieving celebrity glamour. And the beauty of opting for black and white is, there’s plenty of scope to work with. One option to try is bold vertical stripes as a feature wall. It’s confident, striking and definitely breaks convention; all you could ask for from celebrity inspired décor.
Or alternatively, if you’d prefer to be a little less daring, keep your monochrome style low key. For instance in the bedroom, think sleek and sophisticated. Try distressed, white-washed wooden flooring and plain white walls, with black accessories for embellishment. These can be anything from black detailed bedding or black wall stencils; the choice is yours!

Wall Art 
When you envision the homes of the rich and famous, what springs to mind? Walls covered in gold and platinum discs; emblems of their success? Well in order to succeed the same level of celebrity glamour, it’s important to add a touch of wall glitter.
Forget about your average vase or photo of the family, we’re talking eye-catching numbers that are guaranteed to leave any visitor in awe. A popular choice for many interior enthusiasts is Banksy, as this controversial artist can instantly grab a guest’s attention with his colourful prints. Perfect.
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