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So the other week we talked bathrooms, this week it's my bedroom. Or more specifically, the wardrobe.

Long story short, our wardrobe is actually in the spare bedroom (aka the messy place where I instagram many of my outfits from), as well as a small clothes rail that sits down the end of our bed.  This summer though, I'm dreaming of making a change.

I want to flip the room around, have the bed at the opposite end and build something along the lines of the beauty above.  I've had a look on the ikea website and found a system which would create a similar effect; but it could get pricey.  The dilemma is, do I put the money I've got saved towards a holiday or blow it on a kick-arse wardobe?  And one where the cats could freely swing from my beloved clothes?

What's the verdict then?  Or do you know anywhere I could get these railings for a lot less?


  1. I wish I could have a lovely spacious wardrobe like this one!

  2. Hm..dilemma. I love this idea of a big open wardrobe and the ikea stuff looks really nice, but I think you're right that it could get really pricey. I've looked at these before and also wondered whether you actually lose space by having it all laid out like that? Not really sure. I swing towards holiday, but then I don't have a solution for a wardrobe makeover, so not very helpful I'm afraid! Would be interested to hear what you decide though! xx

  3. ...Just realised you probably meant building the wardrobe system in the spare room, not your bedroom... In which case maybe go for it!
    p.s. Just followed you on instagram, love the outfit pics.
    Apologies for the 2 replies, I'm scatter-brained today

    1. You were right the first time, I meant bedroom! I'm so unsure of what to do, just don't want to spend an arm on a leg on something I'll regret! The beauty of a proper closing wardrobe is that I can shut the doors so the cats can't get in....they've already ruined a leather jacket by swinging from in, so I can imagine I'll only wish I'd never built an open one when they're running riot on my clothes! x


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