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So as I mentioned before, with 6 weeks off work just around the corner, the first room on my hitlist is our bathroom.

When we decorated the bathroom, I opted for a light grey colour in the hopes of giving a sort of Roman feel to the room.  This failed miserably because I didn't use bathroom paint so it's gone all flaky and gross.  So first thing's first, I'll need to get some proper paint and just paint the whole thing white methinks.

Next on my list is a few accessories to jazz it up a little.  Looking around online, I'm liking that stripped-back, minimalist kind of look.  And yes, I know that the photo here isn't all that minimalist, but I fell in love with that step ladder/storage unit.  Anybody know where I can get my hands on one of those?!  


  1. love that bathroom, I can't wait until I can stop renting and have a place to decorate! xx

    1. We decorated when we first moved in, time for a face-lift now though! x

  2. I love the stepladder shelving like that. I know that Crate and Barrel had something like that, but they're like an expensive Ikea. If not, I think that it would be a fairly easy DIY?

    1. That's what I was thinking? I found a couple of cheaper ones on amazon (I think) but they were purple so not quite right. Project for the summer perhaps! x


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