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My love of fake tan should be no surprise here.  On my skin, pale is not interested, so when presented with the opportunity to test out a new range my answer was (literally) "the darker the better!"

I was given the Self Tan Mist Dark, and Instant Tan Wash Off to have a go with.  The Karora range contains no parabens, chemicals, artificial fragrances or dyes, and is packed with their signature ingredients of grape seed, acai berry, jojoba and argan....but were they as good as they sound?

My days of sun shimmer are long gone, so in all honesty I was a bit dubious as to whether I'd get much use out of the Wash Off lotion.  But, come Friday with an unexpectedly hot day and the inevitability of having to wear a skirt to work or boil in jeans, and this stuff was a life saver.  I quickly rubbed it into my legs and was left with a nice, golden glow.

The one thing I instantly noticed was just how thick it was.  This reminded me of foundation for my legs, and sitting down to write this I've noticed that it's described as "face, body & leg makeup".  Definitely accurate!  I mixed this in with moisturiser and could feel it on my skin for much of the day; something which I'm not sure I liked.  And I'm just not sure on the shade.  People complimented me on it, but it was much more in the orange family of tans.  Not in a bad way, just much more golden than the usual olive tones that I go for.  All in all, a good basic to have in the bathroom cupboard for leg-baring emergencies!

As for the Self Tan Mist?  It's a mixed bag in my opinion.  On the one hand it gave a nice, subtle colour, left my skin feeling  lovely and soft and had no hint of biscuit-y smell whatsoever, to the point it almost smelt perfumed.  But I wasn't a fan of the application.  You'll see from the photo, it looks as if it has a spritzer-type pump, but after a while of using it I realised you could hold it down for a continuous mist.  I guess that's because it's not an aerosol bottle, but it really confused me and meant I had to go back over areas I'd probably missed!  Which brings me to my next point; the "guide colour".  To my eyes, there was no guide colour.  Colour definitely came out (as evidenced by the state of my bath tub after I'd applied) but it was very difficult to see, appearing as splodges where it had hit the skin but virtually disappearing when I rubbed it in.  I was really worried that I'd turn out streaky, but in actual fact the colour on my skin the next day was very even with no tell-tale tan lines.

I think the Karora range is perfect for fairer-skinned people and those looking for a healthy glow.  I'm not sure how many layers of the mist I'd have to put on to get the rich bronzed effect promised, and it just wasn't as easy to apply as I'd like.  I managed to get an even tan, but is that because I'm an experienced faker or due to formula of the product?  I'm not sure, so I don't know whether I'd recommend this to a fake tanning newbie.  And at £14.99 for the Wash Off and £17.99 for the Self Tan Mist Dark, the products are a little higher in price than I like to pay.

The verdict?  Worth a go if you like a subtle colour and want something that doesn't give off a fake tan whiff.  Your skin will feel moisturised and soft, but there are darker and easier to apply tans out there as well.

Check out the rest of the Karora range here.

EDIT:  I've just come back from a family barbecue where I was sat on Mum's (cream) carpet with Ella.  Mum thought someone had had a little accident.  The patch where I was sat was left a suspicious colour....looks like the Wash Off transfers easily!


  1. Thanks for the honest review. I'm so so pale, and when i was at uni, I fake tanned religiously (L'oréal) I've stopped since i was in France, mostly because my bf thinks i should embrace my natural skin, but from time to time i think it looks nice to have a bit of a glow! xx

    1. I loved one of the L'oreal tans but they changed the formula and it was never the same again :( I'm a tan addict, and sometimes I go a bit overboard...would love to be pale and interesting though x


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