Lush Oatifix fresh face mask


For months now I've been going into Lush, applying a smudge of this mask on the back of my hand, marveling at how soft and smooth it left my skin....and then walking out empty-handed.  I don't know why I've put off purchasing, it's a budget-friendly product, but for whatever reason, I figured that a birthday shopping trip was the time to buy.  And yes, this post has been sitting as a draft for quite some time now....sorry!

I love this stuff.  It's super moisturising and, as I said, leaves my skin feeling stroke-ably soft.  You keep it in the fridge so it's lovely and cooling to apply, lie back for 5-10 voila!  Only trouble is that I haven't yet mastered how to apply it effectively.  It's quite lumpy, so doesn't go on as a smooth all over mask that I'm used to.  I tend to just blob it on where it sticks and leave it like that!

It's packed with bananas, oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin, which moisturise as well as gently exfoliating away dead skin.  I expect pretty much everything in Lush to smell (good or otherwise) but unfortunately, this doesn't really smell of much.  Looking at it in the tub, my instant expectation is that it'd either smell banana-ry or like cookies.  But oh well, I can't have it all!

It's £5.95 for 75g which I think is a pretty decent price.  Plus the fact that I'm one empty away from a free face mask is a pretty good incentive to keep shopping in Lush!


  1. I am such lush advocate! I have collected many of their products over the last year or so and they never fail to disappoint! Their coconut powder has a heavenly aroma and their dream cream is a life saver for dry skin! Now I need to try a face mask :)!

    1. Ooh, coconut powder sounds good! x

  2. I have never ever tried a lush mask. I don't know if I like really thick masks, I love one that goes on very thinly and peels or wipes of easily, however this does sound like it good be good for the skin!

    1. Hmmm maybe not for you though, this is quite a process to make sure it's all off! x

  3. I'll have to try it! I'm a huge fan of Lush. I love their Big shampoo, Veganase conditioner and Enchanted eye cream!



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