The Charcoal Challenge


Time for another MoneySupermarket challenge!  This time it was to host a barbecue and then share the results.

I kept it fairly simple with my barbecue.  Ideas of crazy-themed bashes came to me first, but then I figured there was no better way to spend a barbecue than with family.  Glasses of Pimms, music and relaxing in the sun on what was perhaps the hottest day of the year so far...perfection.

The BBQ itself was delicious; sausages, burgers, bacon, kebabs, those simple foods that taste so much better cooked al fresco.  We also had salad, dips and crisps and Mum's specialty - new potatoes cooked with sea salt and feta cheese....yum.

But my favourite part?  Dessert!  Cupcakes galore alongside fresh little Greek pastries.  We went a little strawberry crazy and had punnets of them everywhere, to be enjoyed dipped in chocolate or (in my favourite) a mammoth Eton Mess.  Is there anything better than meringue and strawberries in a thick, gooey, creamy mess?

You'll have to excuse the lack of photographs, we had generations of family there and I did seem a little odd doing the usual blogger thing of photographing my food before I ate it.  Plus I didn't think they'd appreciate (or "get") me splashing their faces across the internet.

I'm fairly lazy with barbecues and tend to neglect doing them.  They always smell so good though wafting through the air from a neighbour's garden, so I'm glad that this challenge spurred me on to have our first  (and hopefully not the last!) barbecue of the year.  In my experience, barbecues can get a little expensive, but by keeping it fairly simple and focusing on good quality food and the company, you can definitely throw an enjoyable one on a budget.  And with the promise of another scorcher tomorrow, who else will be taking advantage of the beautiful weather and having a barbecue?


  1. I love BBQs im yet to have one this though! :(

    from Brigitte at BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin' | Twitter

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  2. This looks amazing! Love a good BBQ, particularly one with punnets of strawberries everywhere. Did you BBQ any of them? SO good!! xx

    1. No, I'd never thought of that but now I'm intrigued! Will have to give them a go some time x

  3. That Eaton Mess looks amazing - I like the idea of using smaller merguines :)

    Helen x


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