The week: 1.7.13


So this week saw the start of July and finally, the promise of a summer!  Monday was my sister's birthday (we celebrated last weekend though) and for some reason, by Tuesday I was exhausted!

On Wednesday I dragged Ed to TK Maxx for a styling challenge I've been set, only to find it was the wrong TK Maxx!  Slightly annoyed with a waste of an evening....and a lost gym session!

Speaking of the gym, Tuesday's wipe out meant that I looked only to find some YouTube workouts this week.  I've been really enjoying XHIT Daily and their ab workouts.  My favourite so far is the 9 exercises for a flat stomach video, although I'm looking forward to trying out more!  There are loads on there so I'll have to have a good look through; I tried a yoga one on Wednesday which was quite relaxing and has got me interested in trying a bit of Pilates down the gym.  And for the record, I did a bit of research on Twitter and yes, I know they're different!

Not much happened on Thursday, but the sunshine on Friday left me in a bit of crisis over what to wear to work!  Things were easier on Saturday when I could wear what I wanted to meet up with Rosie.  She's seriously lovely and her blog relaunch looks spiffy.  We hit TK Maxx, where I picked up a yoga mat (dedication or new fad?) and then she definitely influenced a cheeky purchase in Warehouse.  I fell in love with it, and when I discovered there was 20% off I just couldn't say no.  All in all, the perfect Saturday morning/early afternoon spent with lovely company....looking forward to spending more time together in the summer!  And possibly meeting Mr. Ted?  The day got better with a family barbecue in the evening....but more on that in a future post.

And then today I was due a trip to Bicester, but spending the day in a car in 30-degree heat would be criminal.  Just as well we cancelled, I've spent the day hanging out washing (yay!) and filming and editing my new video, albeit with a headache.  Boo!

The fact that next weekend marks the last Sunday that I'll have to have a heavy heart about work the following Monday for the next 7 weeks is definitely lessening those Sunday-night blues.  And besides the sun shining, I figured I'd end the week with the thing that's made me happiest....finally having my weight stop fluctuating and settling down to a lower figure.  Looks like all those workouts are paying off!


  1. So jealous of your 7 week break! Although the amazing weather this morning is making Monday slight less grim (even if I will be inside all day!) x

    1. It saddens me slightly to admit that I don't have 7 whole weeks off, but this weekend coming is the last one where I know I'll have to wake up early on it works out as 7 weekends not worrying about that, if that makes sense?! x

  2. Congratulations on the weight thing - i'm still searching for that stability, i fluctuate between 57 and 60 (kg), so your success inspires me to keep going!
    I got in to yoga about a year ago - i have yet to find time for Pilates. Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy (I got mine for 6 euros off Amazon) may be a nice place for you to start? I've lent it to friends, some beginners, and some with yoga practice behind them and had good feedback! xx

    1. Ooh I shall track it down! I did a bootcamp day with a mix of yoga and Pilates which was fun...just looking at ways to keep motivated really. It's nice to have settled at a lower weight, a couple of weeks ago (around that time of the month) my weight rocketed again (ok, so I'm exaggerating....2lbs, but that was still annoying considering my gym efforts) so yes, definitely nice to have settled down again! Keep pushing, maybe we can be motivation buddies on twitter! x


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