Caught my eye // dainty silver necklaces


How cute are these? 

The other week I was saying on twitter how I wanted a tiny silver necklace, and although I've found a gorgeous one, I think we can agree there's always room for a couple more!  I love Dogeared's necklaces, but they can run quite pricey.  I'm so glad I've tracked these Moments ones down though, because these sterling silver beauts are a fraction of the price!

I love the Light As a Feather one...well, just because....the Protection one because I have a thing for Hamsa hands at the moment and the A Wish For You one because I did have a Dogeared wishbone necklace but the cats have lost it.  Literally.  I think they knocked it down the sink.

These necklaces all come in at under £30 and are available from  Treasure box used to be a little boutique in my local town which sadly closed down a couple of years ago.  I always used to go in there when I was younger, so having a browse on their website made me feel quite nostalgic!

And the best part is, there's 15% off your first order.  Who else thinks I have no choice but to buy one of these?!

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  1. These necklaces are absolutely gorgeous, seriously I'd love to own all of them!

    Imogen <3

  2. Oooh, thanks for sharing the discount :)

    love your blog hun - now following on GFC & Bloglovin, would love for you to check mine out :) | UK Fashion Blog

    Charlie xx

    1. I'm a big believer in sharing the discount knowledge! And thank you :) x

  3. These necklaces are lovely, my favourite has to be the feather one!

    Abbie x

    1. It's gorgeous, that one may be first on my list! x

  4. I love the wishbone one, and the litle cards they come on are sweet too xx

  5. The wishbone one is definitely my favourite :) so cute!!
    Following you now - I love your way with words! Your blog is adorable :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx


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