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I love finding new beauty brands to get obsessed with, and looking on the LuxeBC website reminded me a lot of walking into Holland & Barrett.  There are so many brands to explore, with potential remedies for all sorts of ailments.  There's also a pretty extensive beauty section too.

The good thing about unfamiliar websites like these, in my eyes, is the possibility to try something new without feeling that I have to go for *the* product of the moment.  Browsing brands that I haven't yet heard of (although there were some on there which I am familiar with) evens up the playing field a little; I'm not tempted to buy things because so-and-so mentioned it, and instead I can really focus on what the product promises to do.

I'm looking to get a little more adept with my skincare regime, so all of the products above really caught my eye.  The Acure Organics packaging is just beautiful, and the Devita Under Eye Repair Serum really sounds tempting!  The range is a bit pricey, but it's nice to look, right?

LuxeBC was a little tricky to navigate at times, but it also has a really handy section for you to search for a specific issue which really helps to hone in on what it is your after.  There's also the option to filter your searches for allergen-free, toxin-free and vegan options, which really impressed me.

Has anyone shopped here before?

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  1. Hi Tabitha !
    I haven't ever been on this site but thanks for the introduction. I'm a big believer in organic skincare and absolutely love the ACURE packaging! Do you think you'll splash out on anything? Have you ever seen Weleda and Dr. Hauschka products? I have a few of those and think they're brilliant : ) I spent a good half hour in H&B during my recent trip to London, and took full advantage of their penny sale ! xx

    1. I love the penny sale! I tried Weleda product that came in a Glossy Box once, but can't really remember much about it. I obviously didn't like it enough to repurchase! Not sure whether I would buy anything to be honest, the prices are pretty hectic and I'm a big believer in shopping around for cheaper alternatives! x

  2. I love trying brands I have never heard of too. It gives me clear perception of how I really feel about it without having an opinion on it based on the label :)


    1. Exactly, it's so easy to get sucked in just to go along with the hype! x


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