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In general, we're not a particularly arty household.  There are a few bits and pieces in frames; the library has lots of old Hollywood photos, and the hallway is decorated with magazine covers and other bits and bobs, but perhaps my favourite thing to do is to turn photos we've taken into canvases to hang.

So far we've got three hanging.  There's Mini Dudley as a huge canvas at the bottom of the stairs, my namesake Tabitha (or Taz) at the top of the stairs, and next to her, Gus, the family cat who passed away last year.  I took it really badly, so he hangs in just the right spot so that I can see him through the doorway when I'm in bed.

Taking the pet theme to another level, I've got plans to get smaller canvases of Coco and Beau to hang up there with Taz and Gus.  It'll definitely be this one of Coco, but I'm yet to decide on Beau's...although I'm swaying towards this one. When I do eventually make up my mind, I'll be looking to What's On Your Wall to have it printed.  In the past I've used more of a budget website, but What's On Your Wall offer a wide range of finishes, sizes and (if I've read it right!) the canvas arrives all ready to hang.  Saves me getting Ed to fix it all together like I have done in the past!

What do you think of custom canvases?  Do you like the idea of hanging your own pictures on the wall, or do you think art is best left to the professionals?

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