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Everyone loves a good scented candle right?  In today's interiors post, I figured I'd talk you through some of my favourites...
Let's get the expensive one out of the way first.  After months of using the wax tarts and sampler votives, I finally decided to take the plunge last week and invest in a big Yankee Candle.  Fireside Treats is the most delicious scent ever, and I've put it together with this Jelly Bean candle because I've realised that these two are, effectively, the same smells.  Toasted Marshmallow is a cheaper alternative, with a much more food-y smell to it, whereas Fireside Treats has more of a clean undertone which leaves the room with a more delicately sweet fragrance.
My love affair with this Muji candle is long-lasting.  Hinoki Wood is a sweet yet woody scent which is hard to describe.  It's unlike any candle I've smelt before (or since), and at £3.50 a tin these are a bargain.
On to another woody scent, this is the Maggie & James candle I mentioned in my Favourites video.  It's a really warm, comforting smell which is spicy and borders almost on masculine.  Another one which really fills the room, I'm just sad that this was from TK Maxx so my chances of replacing it are slim!  
This final candle is a bit gimmicky and not like the others I go for.  It's not sweet in that typical cake-y way that I like, but is much more fruity.  It's an Air Wick Colour Change candle in Purple Blackberry and Fig, so not only does it create an ambient light, it also fills the air with a really fresh scent.  Perfect for freshening up a room when Dudley's made it smell a bit stale!

Are you a candle lover?  I'd love to hear your recommendations!


  1. I love the Yankee candles too. They were on 50% off of loads of scents in my local Clintons the other day too so i got some serious bargains! I think the wax tartlets are probably better value for money, but less pretty obviously!

    1. Wow, 50% off is such a good deal! I love going into House of Fraser; they always have wax tarts on sale and it's fun to trawl through and find new scents! x

  2. I love Yankee Candles and always jump at the chance to buy them if I see them on sale. They are so expensive otherwise.
    I really want to try some of the Jelly Beans candles. x

    1. Yeah they're a nice, cheaper alternative! Give them a go....available in Tesco too which makes them easy to get hold of! x


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